Pathfinder Class Guides

Merry Christmas!  I was kicking around and found this post on the forums with links to all the existing Pathfinder class guides out there and I thought I’d share!  Here’s the link to the excellent post curated by harmor. It’s also mirrored at the d20 Min-Max wiki.

In fact, it links a mostly the same but a little more complete list, The Comprehensive Pathfinder Guides Guide from Zenith Games – check it out!  Adding this puppy to my blogroll.  Every class, most prestige classes, and other guides that might come in handy when coming up with Pathfinder builds.


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2 responses to “Pathfinder Class Guides

  1. I really like the Pathfinder class guides. I only played the game a few of times and have used the guides every time. I find them useful for the first time Pathfinder player.

    Thanks for the links.

  2. I run Zenith Games, so thanks for the link. Your readers may also want to check out the Guide to the Builds, which has optimized and interesting Pathfinder Builds.

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