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Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Three, Seventh Session

Seventh Session (12 page pdf) – “The Sun Temple Colony” – The crew finds the lost Andoran colony built atop an Azlanti ruin.  They fall in with religious extremists as an Azlanti artifact nearly burns their ship to the waterline! Then they start poking around the island.

lost_citiesI liked doing the Sun Temple Colony after I did From Shore To Sea, because they were used to the WoW-like architecture of the Azlanti, and even knew to talk to the will-o-wisp streetlights in Aklo… But first they get lit up by the main attribute of the Sun Temple Colony, its big ol’ sun-focusing floating lens.

The Sun Temple Colony is from the Lost Cities of Golarion supplement. The intent here is that there’s parts of it about 10 CRs above the party’s level, so they have to keep it a bit on the down-low and play the locals against each other. They meet the “free” colonists and learn about the cult, the God-touched and breeder varieties. And they get a mascot, the impressionable 15-year-old Lefty.

Sindawe gets to exercise his captaining skills, which is generally “issue orders and then beat the nearest crewman unconscious since he’s clearly not moving fast enough.” They do get loot shares; this is probably the best place to give the pirate crewmen treasure because they are a thousand miles from anywhere they can spend it.

Then, it’s off to hexcrawl and explore the island!



Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Three, Sixth Session

Sixth Session (12 page pdf) – “Quest for Azlant” – The crew sees some hot action against the Mordant Spire Elves as they fight a skimmer to the bitter end. Then they investigate the weird dangers of Azlant, finally arriving at the Sun Temple Colony.

mordantspireThe fight against the Mordant Spire Elf skimmer is very different from their previous naval combats.  The elf ships are small and nimble, with small but very expert crews. Sindawe was shocked when they handily outsailed him and then the magic started – elementals, an unseen servant dropping the ToA’s anchor, fireballs, glitterdusts, fly, invisibility, and much much more!

And they maroon the female elf captain, eschewing torture, rape, etc., possibly as a result of last session’s heart-to-heart on the subject of pirate ethics. They do enjoy taking all the elves’ masks however! The Mordant Spire elves consider the Azlanti islands a “no go” area so patrol it and drive off outsiders. Didn’t work in this case, but it was a solid combat!

Then the crystal pillar they come across and decide not to enter is directly from a legend about real-life St. Brendan the Navigator I read in some book of exploration stories.

And finally they reach the place they end up staying a while – the Sun Temple Colony!

Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Three, Fifth Session

Fifth Session (15 page pdf) – “Island Tour” – The Teeth of Araska crawls through the sunken spires of lost Azlant looking for Morgann Baumann and the Black Bunyip.  And one crew member falls to MURDER! But a new and unusual  member joins the crew.

The Teeth of Araska ventures into the shattered remnants of lost Azlant in the middle of the Arcadian Ocean. Much of the action is ship-navigation, storms, and minor random encounters. Except for Tommy murdering Bojask over dinner.

Tommy’s player had to leave the game but we keep in touch.  Last time we talked he told me “Tommy’s totally against slavery, and he’s not going to put up with Bojask and his elven rape slave.” So at officer’s mess one night, he death attacks Bojask right in front of the other PCs, which they find appropriately shocking. Then there’s a lot of discussion and hashing over ethics and morals and feelings and practicalities…  This provides them an opportunity to actually discuss and introspect about the crew’s slaving and raping and whatnot, up till now it’s been happening as snap decisions without real party discussion.

And then, they find J.J. the seamunculus! He turns into a hilarious long-term NPC, an “anatomically correct” aquatic homunculus that a flamboyantly-dressed wizard made… He makes the PCs a mix of entertained and uncomfortable, just how it should be.

I like sessions like this where there’s some stuff going on but it serves mainly as a backdrop for PC/PC and PC/NPC interactions. The PCs are very invested in their ship and crew and are happy to go into great detail with them. Heck, it’s these roleplay sessions that turn into 15 page summaries like this one, as opposed to the combat ones where it’s 8 pages of “someone hit somebody.” Enjoy!

Best line:

Jaren the Jinx shouts out, “Buoy Ho!” The crew becomes so embroiled in making ribald jokes at this they nearly miss what he’s pointing at.

Reavers Sources – Third Season

Following on from my behind the scenes analysis of the various published adventures I’ve used in the commission of my Reavers campaign… (Also see Season One and Season Two).

Third Season

In this season I used some smaller sources from Dungeon magazines but a lot of it was homebrew. Not necessarily because I wanted to, but some items I was wanting to use fell through – like Voyages to the West, an Open Design patronage project that came in way late. But what I did use was…

  • I stole the town of Hollobrae from Firey Dragon Games’ 3e module “The Silver Summoning.”
    I don’t recommend the module, but as a repository for “I need a town for the PCs to raid” it worked fine and added character to the location in session 1. Daphne the unnamed one-line NPC became a recurring character.
  • “Tammeraut’s Fate,” from Dungeon #106, by Greg Vaughan
    This formed the first part of their Azlanti tour and occupied sessions 2-4. Sea zombies beset island monastery!
  • The Sun Temple Colony from Lost Cities of Golarion
    This is more of a capsule setting with adventure seeds, which I expanded upon to form a large section of the season, sessions 6-18 are set there. I also repurposed a couple things they didn’t come across in From Shore to Sea since it is also an Azlanti ruin.
  • Rana Mor,” from Dungeon #87, by Rich Baker
  • D1.5 “Revenge of the Kobold King,” 3.5e Paizo adventure
    Rana Mor formed the primary dungeon on the Sun Temple Island with a heavy reskin from “Indian” to “Azlanti” in feel; it filled sessions 10-12 and then again in sessions 16-17. I added a couple touches like the Sealstone and curse and giant beetles from Revenge of the Kobold King because those were “Azlanti.” I was really having to poll sources to get authentic Azlanti stuff; I also used gear/magic/etc. from the Open Design aquatic rules companion to From Shore to Sea, Sunken Empires.
  • Back to the Arm-Ripper/random dungeon combo from Season One!
    I got to reuse all the old content in sessions 22-25, but had to update it significantly since it was denuded of baddies last time and was much lower level last time…  So wrathspawn pirates as mentioned in Dungeons of Golarion were in residence!

The Dungeon sources from this season and last were all good, I picked them specifically because they were some of the stars from the magazine’s run.  I’d run Tammeraut’s Fate before but the rest were new to me. The baddie from Rana Mor got dubbed a “vampire stripper” based on her cheesecakey art. She was dangerous as a real stripper though and was a big foil/villain for the latter half of the season. A lot of the actual Sun Temple threat was sorta faceless so I wanted to have another baddie who was more personally memorable. I did a lot more picking locations/seeds out of books instead of whole cloth adventures this season.

And that’s how you run a multi-year campaign that meets very regularly for long play sessions while still having a demanding job and kid and life otherwise! Take preexisting building blocks, add the mortar to join them together, then put a nice veneer over the top. The time you save on making the blocks means you can shine on the additions.

I’ve compiled all these into a new page in the Reavers section, I’ll add to it as we go on!

Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Three, Fourth Session

Fourth Session (10 page pdf) – “Zombie Proof” – as if zombie barbarians and zombie Red Mantis assassins aren’t enough, the crew ventures beneath the waves to the wreck of the Tammeraut, following their own fates.

In this session, we resume in mid-fight as the zombies threaten to overwhelm the hermitage on Firewatch Island. When they all have to fall back and barricade themselves into the scriptorium to avoid the undead hordes comes my favorite dialogue of the session:

Daphne says, “It’s days like this I’m glad I was kidnapped by pirates.”

I turned the spellcasting into a mini-game to race against time, and when Wogan and Janore finally got the spell cast they doubled down on the existing storm to waterspouts that cleansed the island of zombies!

The generic ghost that’s the end of Tammeraut’s Fate is instead part of the legacy of the shadow phantom-haunted members of the small band that got Cypher-glyphs exploded into them at the climax of Season One, Madness in Riddleport. The ongoing theme of the corruption of that kind of magic continues!  And then, they depart with a spell that can find them the Black Bunyip and Morgan Baumann!

Reavers Sources – Second Season

Continuing on from the First Season, more on the sources I have used in the Reavers campaign!

Second Season

In the second season, I moved past the “toss in all the L1-3 adventures I have laying around” approach as the established plot and character and setting took root.  Season 2 is basically three Paizo adventures – Carrion Hill (augmented by a Dungeon adventure), Second Darkness Chapter 2, and From Shore to Sea.

  • Carrion Hill, a Pathfinder adventure
  • “The Stink” from Dungeon Magazine #105, by Richard Pett
    I combined these to make a post-Riddleport tsunami “Katrina horror” scenario that spanned all of sessions 2-5 (a bit more than I’d anticipated!).
  • Children of the Void, the second chapter in Paizo’s 3.5e Second Darkness Adventure Path
    This filled up sessions 6-10, plus the optional “Teeth of Araska” adventure from this book occupied session 11! I expanded on it but not with other material really, just my own elaboration.
  • “Shatterhull Island” from Stormwrack again
    I used another mini-adventure from Stormwrack for session 13 after a couple sessions of custom content.
  • From Shore To Sea“, a Paizo/Open Design adventure
    Before this I spent sessions 14-19 purely riffing on preexisting NPCs and stuff spinning out into whole adventures. But then From Shore To Sea became one big ol’ part of this season. Sessions 20-24, all the way to the end of the season, are made of nothing but this puppy!

Now let me be clear – you don’t want to run Carrion Hill or From Shore To Sea as written.  If you go through the blog posts for those sessions you’ll get a lot more details on what I changed, but the Carrion Hill plot and encounters are questionable and in From Shore To Sea there’s ridiculous DCs and other rules wonkiness that would cause some real problems. But they both have loads of great atmosphere and ideas in them, and a GM is the nice slickery lubrication between an adventure as written and his game as run. So this had less mashing up of multiple sources and more elaboration and tailoring of single sources.

Also, the more we’re on the high seas the more I use general wavecrawling, random weather and random encounters to populate entire sessions.  Each ship-to-ship battle is a complex set-piece of its own! Recurring baddies like the Fishwife sprung entirely from that.

Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Three, Third Session

Third Session (17 page pdf) – “Reindeer Games” – Survivors are found in the monastery! And then, it’s John Carpenter’s “The Fog” time as waterlogged zombies besiege the place.

We continue with the classic Tammeraut’s Fate from Dungeon Magazine. The first part is all investigation and talking to Janore, the remaining hermit worth talking to.  It gets more lively with the (advanced) peryton attack that almost kills Sindawe. The party was grumped that it snuck up on them “in the sky” but the belfry has only pretty narrow windows and a roof and all, it’s not high visibility unless you walk around sticking your head out to look up and down.

My favorite part was when they had the ship send a longboat – the pirates didn’t know anything was up, so when Sindawe told them “send spears, there may be an undead attack tonight” they thought he was being coy, and returned dressed as zombies. “The disappointed pirates return to their ship, pausing to moan for brains from time to time.”

Then they encounter two hags… I wasn’t even thinking, in the adventure it’s just like Sea Hag (2).  But of course the PCs immediately came to the conclusion that Janore must be the third hag in the coven. (Heck in our current Carrion Crown campaign, the party’s ready to lynch three sisters who live together on the grounds that they’re surely witches or hags.)

This was nice and sandboxy – “Here’s a location, harden it against an undead attack!” They came up with every plan they could, then when night falls they fight a very large supply of draugr (drowned Vikings) while Wogan and Janore use a scroll to whip the storm into a hurricane. The dramatic finale, next time!

Reavers Sources – First Season

Due to popular request and to celebrate the campaign’s fourth anniversary, here’s a series of posts on the adventures and supplements I’ve used to create it.

In my Reavers on the Seas of Fate campaign, to form my own adventure path/campaign I have adapted a dizzying variety of adventures and supplements. Here’s the list of what I’ve used with my thoughts on each!  It’s in rough order of when I used them. You can read the individual session summaries and associated blog posts for deeper details.

Mashing up 3e, 3.5e, and Pathfinder adventures together is so easy to do that it’s silly not to. Unless you’re one of the clinically OCD rules obsessives out there, you can draw from a wide variety of material for any campaign. So I merrily combined them, subbing in PF versions of monsters if it’s easy and restatting major NPCs using Hero Lab if I feel like it. Also, since we go for a gritty, roleplay-heavy approach it’s not unusual for one short module to last 3 6-hour sessions (with tentacles into sessions before and after).

First Season

The overall plan for this season was “Second Darkness plus the Freeport Trilogy,” since Golarion’s Riddleport and Green Ronin’s Freeport are kissing cousins. I augmented with a lot of standalone d20-era Atlas Games and Green Ronin adventures. The Atlas Games ones are a little staid as written, but only mooks run adventures as written. Using them gives me NPCs and maps and setpieces, and then I worry about adapting the plot and amping them up to higher levels of depravity.

Plus, I’d run a pirate campaign before where I realized all these 3e adventures went to pains to put their settlement out in the middle of fricking nowhere because they just wanted to write a module not in someone’s game world. Converting the “surrounded by trackless mountains” to “on an island surrounded by water” is trivial to change. Early d20-time was rife with level 1-3 adventures to pillage!  Our super slow level advancement is partially so I could get more of them in.

  • Atlas Games 3e “Penumbra” scenario “Maiden Voyage”
  • Sinister Adventures 3.5e pdf adventure “Mysteries of the Razor Sea”
    I mashed these two up to make the group’s first adventure in sessions 1-2. Both are first level ghost ship scenarios; Maiden Voyage focused more on the ship and crew the players were travelling with.  Mysteries of the Razor Sea was totally about the ghost ship – it had more horror and is tougher.  So I felt they complemented each other well; basically I used the ghost ship from Razor and everything else from Maiden Voyage, with some changes to lead in to the next part of the adventure. Thalios Dondrel, son of Mordekai, was a hit and has become a recurring NPC.
  • “The Sable Drake” adventure from WotC’s 3.5e sea book Stormwrack.
  • “Water Stop” adventure from Atlas Games’ En Route II: By Land Or By Sea
    I mashed these two up for the very next adventure in sessions 3-4 – the island with escaped slaves from Water Stop was where the goblin “pirates” (made more Golarioney) from Sable Drake attacked. The wererat-goblin captain escaped and stowed away and became part of the fun in Riddleport later.
  • Shadow in the Sky,” the first chapter of the Paizo 3.5e Second Darkness Adventure Path, starting with “Cheat the Devil and Take his Gold”
    I enriched Riddleport heavily with Freeport information, locations, and NPCs from some of the many Freeport books I have (I’ve got every version of it ever, and all the miscellaneous supplements).
  • “St. Casperian’s Salvation,” the optional adventure from Shadow in the Sky
    Sessions 4-5 were an intro to Riddleport and the major players there with these two adventure pieces.
  • “Three Days to Kill,” a 3e “Penumbra” Atlas Games adventure
    I adapted the power groups to be various local ones and set the PCs loose on this in the sixth session.
  • “Death in Freeport,” the first Green Ronin’s 3.5e adventure from the famous Freeport Trilogy
    I’ve run the Freeport Trilogy before and it’s great, especially when you replace the crap 1HD serpentfolk they have with the uber tough Pathfinder serpentfolk. (My players disagree! :-) This filled up sessions 7, 8, and 10 and parts of some others.
  • “Holiday In The Sun,” an interstitial adventure included in the Freeport Trilogy (was originally a free Web enhancement)
  • “Flat On Rat Street” from Shadow in the Sky
    These happened during the plot of Death instead of being interstitial and formed the bulk of session 9. The rest of life doesn’t stop for your “adventure!”
  • Mansion of Shadows,” a Green Ronin “Bleeding Edge” 3.5e adventure
    Sessions 11, 12, and 13 were all about infiltrating and taking down this location. When you’re a pirate, the lame ass adventure hooks they have in the front of these adventures don’t really matter. Your motivation is GO GET ‘EM AND TAKE THEIR SHIT!
  • “Terror in Freeport” from the Freeport Trilogy
    The second “Freeport module,” this worked really well with Shadow in the Sky, in fact both have a “defend the base against the bad guys” scene which made for easy combo. We dispensed with most of it in one session, Session 15 because I cut a lot of redundant and lame stuff from Terror (it’s the weakest installment).
  • “Madness in Freeport” from the Freeport Trilogy
    This, I spread over the entire latter half of the season, integrated totally with the latter half of Shadow in the Sky.  This adventure is where the money is, so I used whole additional modules to bolster parts of it.
  • Beyond the Towers,” a Green Ronin “Bleeding Edge” 3.5e adventure
    I mixed this up with some of Madness in Freeport to form the Golarion location of Viperwall for sessions 18, 19, and 20. The voodoo/shadow subplot is all me though.
  • A Dreadful Dawn,” a Green Ronin “Bleeding Edge” 3.5e adventure
    Mainly to introduce Jaren the Jinx, a new NPC and plot point with long term implications in session 22.
  • Throwdown With The Arm-Ripper,” a Goodman Games “Wicked Fantasy Factory” 3.5e adventure
    I augmented this with a random dungeon from Dizzy Dragon’s online generator (the dungeon part of Arm-Ripper was short and weak) but the shrine fights are great! And now that the PCs know a place where you can get body parts regenerated, they keep coming back… This formed sessions 23 and 24.
  • “Madness in Freeport” and “Shadow in the Sky” again
  • Rumble in the Wizard’s Tower,” a Goodman Games “Wicked Fantasy Factory” 3.5e adventure
    The last four sessions were all Madness in Freeport overlaying Shadow In The Sky with Rumble in the Wizard’s Tower interjected to flesh out the lighthouse. Inserting a dungeon or setpiece from another adventure into another adventure to make it uber is one of my tricks. Plus, I took a NPC/adventure seed from Denizens of Freeport and made the whole shadow-plane side trek in the middle of the climactic fight.

In terms of mini-review of these products – the Freeport Trilogy is great base material to fix up. Second Darkness is good for its first two chapters then it’s very weak once it goes into the elf/drow stuff, so it’s good material to adapt to other purposes.  Atlas Games Penubmra adventures are kinda mainstream but rather than having to write a mainstream adventure myself, I can start with one and use my prep time to kick it up a notch.  The Green Ronin Bleeding Edge adventures are better, lots of weirder stuff, usable more as-is (though usually with a power boost). The Wicked Fantasy Factory adventures are mainly valuable for their cool setpieces, the rest is very cursory.

The other seasons, coming soon!

Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Three, Second Session

Second Session (15 page pdf) – “Tammeraut’s Fate” – The  Teeth of Araska crosses the Arcadian Ocean headed for Azlant, and finds an abandoned monastery on Firewatch Island, the first major waypoint in the islands. What’s going on?

The crew wavecrawls their way West across the Arcadian Ocean. As usual I use a mix of random weather generation and the Today at Sea encounter generator.

Crazy ships!  Ghost ships!  Bad storms! They become concerned their ship is haunted! It was really just a couple coincidences but I enjoyed how quickly a couple unexplained minor occurrences turned into a major witch hunt; welcome to shipboard life.

And finally they reach Firewatch Island, home to a lone monastery – and the location of famed Dungeon Magazine adventure Tammeraut’s Fate! Dungeon #106, written by none other than Greg A. Vaughan. Think John Carpenter’s “The Fog” and you’ll be on track. Besides a peryton it seems abandoned, but something bad happened recently… More on that next time!

Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Three, First Session

First Session (17 page pdf) – “Reavers of the Coast” – The group decides to embrace their piracy and raid the little Chelish logging town of Hollobrae. But can they live with the results?

Warning, adult content.

In the first session of Season Three the Reavers get on the road – well, the open ocean – and want to raid a town. OK, I think. Every adventure module ever wastes 10 pages of its limited space on “here’s another shitty little starting town” so I pulled some old third party modules I’m unlikely to use as written, pop one open, oh look it’s the logging town of Hollobrae. It’s from an old Fiery Dragon module called “The Silver Summoning.” Little crap town, VIPs in town for an elf-human wedding. I plunk it down in Cheliax and we’re ready to go. Cleverly, they send in a scouting party first, who figures out what’s up and gets Lavender Lil invited to be the entertainment at the bachelor party.

They devise a careful multi-pronged assault plan on the town that starts to go awry immediately. Turns out there’s a sorceress in the inn who Glitterdusts the pirates (after they murder her uncle the bartender), this makes the fight with the locals and bachelors harder than they planned. The inn and people there were largely detailed in the Silver Summoning adventure and so it added a nice layer of realism and complexity to the NPC interaction. There were lots of great little moments, especially because they took the crewmen they know the best with them. Sevgi went upstairs and had a real round by round knock-down-drag-out with a bachelor that reminded us of the knife fight in Saving Private Ryan. Then in an anticlimactic moment, they met Martino Marcellano, a Chelish noble who used to own Bel, Sevgi, and the ex-slave members of the crew! He’s a hotshot duelist but Wogan blinded him and Sindawe beat him unconscious with no opposition. Dang it.

Then Wogan and Sindawe got to the “bachelor party room” – it was funny, they peek through the keyhole, see a sick orgy with Lil, Tommy,  Seyanna the succubus (allegedly back in Riddleport) and some rakes. By the time they gather Serpent and bust in there’s no succubus but everyone is dead except Lil and Tommy. He claims “poison.” Wogan really did investigate the keyhole after to make sure it was “reading right.”

They head out, loot, and as the ship bombards the town they leave, taking the sorceress from the inn and Marcellano. The group that hit the armory decided to go out on their own initiative and kidnapped a bunch of elf women from the bride’s party!

One of the things I like to do in evil campaigns is to test the PCs.  See what their limits are. As they fought off a couple devils from the local church of Asmodeus’ quick response team, Serpent actually tried to free as many of the women as he could in the confusion – three of the five thankfully got away as a result.  (Marcellano escaped on his own recognizance to torment them later.) None of the three pirate command staff were in favor of taking the women really, but Sindawe didn’t want the morale complications from saying no and Wogan’s a pretty “go with the flow” kind of guy. Serpent was willing to help them escape but once they were at sea with the last two he didn’t stick up for them.

Then we have the moral interaction play itself out.  Sindawe didn’t see a way out of letting the agitated crew auction for the elf women (Nariel and Natulcien). Morale and mutiny is a real thing, so he didn’t do the ethical thing but it was probably the practical thing. So Bojask the half-orc rapist gets one, and Tommy and Lil get one (actually they bid for her out of compassion, to keep her relatively safe – don’t tell anyone; a couple of the other pirates did too – Little Mike is a nice guy at heart). Similarly, Samaritha saves Daphne the sorceress’ life by promising to keep her Dominated – she is forced to sign the Articles by Sindawe in exchange for this “favor” though. The rest of the time is trying to ignore the screaming.  (Yes, I laid it on thick to try to generate guilt.)  Captive women on a ship, pirates… You know that this is going to cause a lot of turmoil going forward.  And stay tuned, it does! No bad deed goes unpunished in the long run. It’s hard to blaze a path between “pirate” and “psycho dirtbag” especially when you have a large group that’s a mix of those, and that’s part of what we’re exploring in this campaign.

Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Three

The Reavers on the Seas of Fate campaign isn’t dead, far from it! But with my busy life/work/gaming schedule, I run out of time allocated to it when prepping for the game itself, and so haven’t been blogging about it.  But we’ve been playing biweekly in the intervening year and a half since you’ve seen a post on it, taking session summaries and all!

For newcomers, Reavers is a Pathfinder campaign of my own device, mashing up Paizo’s Golarion (especially Riddleport from the Second Darkness adventure path), Green Ronin’s Freeport, and Razor Coast, plus anything else I have lying around, into one mega pirate campaign. The PCs are pirates of great violence and tenacity – a Mwangi martial artist, an Ulfen nature warrior, and a portly gun-toting priest of Gozreh the sea god.

To recap, in Season One (2009-2010), “Shadows in Riddleport,” the PCs started their life as sailors, made friends and enemies in Riddleport, did some pirating stints aboard the Wandering Dagger, and went through the “Death in Freeport” trilogy mixed up with the Second Darkness Adventure Path, resulting in unmaking serpent man Elias Tammerhawk and interrupting a ritual atop the Riddleport Light that resulted in a tsunami hitting the city. They meet such colorful folk as Samaritha the serpent woman, Clegg Zincher the crime lord, Hatshepsut the monk/priestess from a lost age, Thalios Dondrel son of Mordekai the naked pirate, Lavender Lil the tiefling hooker, Jaren the Jinx the cursed ex-pirate and son of the famous Black Dog, Glapion the voodoo man, and Mama Watanna the voodoo water goddess.

In Season Two (2010-2012), “Eros and Thanatos,” they deal with their shadow-tainted fate from the interrupted ritual – first dealing with the aftermath of the tsunami (Carrion Hill), heading to a nearby island that’s somehow involved (Children of the Void), and returning to find the Cypher Lodge taken over by the phantoms. But, they also get their own pirate ship, the Teeth of Araska, and set out to forge their own destiny as true pirates! They end up going to get Jaren the Jinx to help them find a place on a treasure map Sindawe’s father left him, but have a disturbing stint on a ruined Azlanti island near an Innsmouthian town (From Shore to Sea). And at long last, Serpent and Samaritha tie the knot!

Now welcome to Season Three (2012-2013), “Et In Arcadia Ego,” in which our pirates head out to sunken Azlant in search of treasure and find a lot more than they bargained for. Zombies! Lost colonies! Vampire strippers! Children! Elves! Strap in and come along with us for the ride.  In two weeks is the campaign’s four year anniversary!


Skull & Shackles Minis

OK, after I got all my Reapers Bones minis I tried to tell myself I didn’t need any more minis. But then Paizo/Wizkids came out with their Pathfinder prepainted plastic Skull & Shackles minis that are all piratey.  And I’m still running  my years-long Reavers pirate campaign

So I gave in and got a brick from my favorite cheapest-on-the-Web source, RPG Locker. They came in and they’re sweet!  Lots of pirates, but also the Large minis are a lot more impressive.  In each booster is 3 small/mediums and one Large. None were broken or missing and unboxing was simple. [Ed. Later when looking at mini pics online I have come to realize my Greater Host Devil is broken and missing his wings.]

I’m getting set to run Razor Coast and pretty much all of these minis are perfect for it…

Without further ado here’s some pics! First some pirates and folk.  Some of those are “named characters” and some aren’t, but they’re all just as well done!


The sharks really impressed me, especially the hammerhead. Really thick, has a threatening plumpness to him. Note the paint job on the multiple rows of teeth on the other shark!




Now some of the larges. Check out the naga!  There’s also a medium version.


And the scrag, or sea troll.  The land troll looks a little small and wimpy, but this guy is huge!


When I opened this box I screamed “OH GOD NO WHAT IS IT!?!”  Apparently a “drowning devil.”  The largest and most menacing of all of them.


And a lady-faced spider.  Not an aranea.  Not a phase spider.  Yet another, a “Paeta.”  But ignore that and use the mini for all of them!


Action shot with a medium guy facing off against them!


A bunch of really nice minis!