Fourth Runelords “Stone Giants” Session Summary Posted

We are plumbing the depths of the Fortress of the Stone Giants in Paizo’s Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path. Having snuck in via some underground caves, the combat with the giants, ogres, trolls, and other freakier creatures is getting more intense.

My character Valgrim the Summoner is really able to unload on the bad guys now, at least when our fearless monk and/or dragon shaman don’t just charge up into melee before he gets to go. I bet if our enemies were confused or blinded you wouldn’t be taking 100 points of damage in the first round boys!!! And you should hear them complain about my demon monkey slave. He teleports them around all day and then when he starts flinging just a little poo they get all snotty.

All of this and more awaits you – here’s the newest summary!

Oh, and check out Yenneck Grumman at level 10, fresh with a level of Warblade. We’re excited, Bruce seems to take a perverse pleasure in designing suboptimal characters up till now. He’s steppin’ out!

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