Eighth Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary Posted

Eighth Session (14 page pdf) – We return from a six-week hiatus to our Alternity-based campaign aboard the space station Lighthouse!  First, half the players were gone, then the GM was, but now we’re back on track.

Back on the Lighthouse, a gambling scam leads into a mystery.  The hot naked chick from Session 1 is back, and is accused of murder and sabotage!  Needless to say, we all vie to prove her innocence.  Cops!  Aliens!  Spies!  Massage parlors!  All we’re missing is Lennie Briscoe.  WE MISS YOU JERRY!!!

The gambling tournament was run by the GM completely off the cuff.  It was fun, though a bit anticlimactic when we all washed out.

I want to brag on myself about our escape plan after robbing the gamblers.  I read the Lighthouse supplement way back when.  So were in this massage parlor playing cards, and the pirate captain lady came up and started talking about stealing the money – and I totally had this flash from the past and asked, “Wasn’t there some massage parlor on the Lighthouse that has a hidden airlock in it?  Is this the one?”  Well, it was.  “Hey, baby, how about you get someone from your ship to bring some spacesuits over to this airlock.”  Ding, automatic escape plan!  All the other players looked at me like “Where the hell did you pull that out from?!?”  Setting details FTW!

Then the murder mystery was fun.  Though when Chris (Rokk Tressor) theorized that someone had just incinerated a piece of the alien chick to put her DNA at the scene and was really rendering her, Paul (the GM) replied, “No, but that would be a better plot than this one!”  We’re happy Angela Quinn is back, we really enjoyed that first adventure where we were motorboating around Bluefall with her.

Oh, and we’ve levelled up – check out my warlion at level 5 and the Captain at level 4!

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