Ninth Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary Posted

Ninth Session (12 page pdf)  – Intrigue and staff meetings reign in our Alternity-based campaign aboard the Lighthouse space station as all the characters madly follow their own personal paths to power.  Little space monkeys infest the station, the station AI gets a little bent, and sneaky teleporting space Nazis visit the captain.  Some of the characters get ready to mess with some Thuldans, while Ten-Zil Kem pretty much concentrates on the chick from Bluefall.

This campaign was enjoyable, pretty much a freeform roleplaying riff by all the characters – we each played both of our characters this time.  There were some plot hooks – Thuldan arms, space monkeys, the station AI fritzing – but really we just kicked stuff back and forth, introducing new complications as much as we could.  I find this session summary hilarious, it captures the command staff banter, the places Ten-Zil found to bang Angela, the many annoyances our too-proactive station AI inflicts upon us, poor St. Cloud’s assignment as Animal Control Officer…

Personally I was happy; Markus walked away with a briefcase with 100k Concord dollars as commission from the illegal cyber deal, and Captain Takashi got to have his staff meeting.  Everyone gets what they want.

I’m sure next time it’ll be a killfest again but this was a great change of pace.

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