Tenth Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary Posted

Tenth Session (10 page pdf) – In the latest installment of The Lighthouse, we participate in a beta test of a new missile system and generally sneak around the Thuldan scientific research space station and cause problems.  A new character, Professor Pepin of the Borealins, is inflicted upon us.  He has an outrageous French accent.  And we find pod people who look like Warhammer 40k escapees!

This session was fun even through we didn’t really get much done.  The missile test goes semi-horribly wrong and we do some sleuthing to find out why.  We find clues, although not actually culprits or reasons.  Martin St. John and Taveer have a near death experience piloting a fighter near a space-singularity to try to fix it with SCIENCE!.

My favorite part of the whole thing is the commendations Captain Takashi gave the two afterwards.

The group returns to the Lighthouse, where Captain Takashi awards Martin St. John the Distinguished Service Cross for his heroic actions. Taveer isn’t a member of the Concord Military, so he can’t be awarded a medal, but he isn’t forgotten. Captain Takashi sends a recommendation through channels to the Administrator hierarchy about his valiant acts. They award him with a “STAR Award” and a $50 gift certificate to the restaurant of his choice. He discovers this when a Concord HR administrator shows up at his cube and drops off the certificate and a nice plaque made out to “Thomas”.

That was all my invention.  You can tell I’ve worked for corporations for too long.

2 responses to “Tenth Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary Posted

  1. Nice. Your Alternity game makes me want to dig out my Alternity books and read up on them. I never got to play Alternity, I just picked up some of the books when one of the local gaming store went out of business about 10 years ago and everything was being sold for $10 or less. What I really need is the Gamemaster’s book, but ebay isn’t being nice about discount prices on a book I only sort of want.

    On a different note, I just finished a game session where my party’s warforged ranger just destroyed one of the only clues about his background because it was too painful that the warforged might just be another machine. I love my players.

    Oh, something you’d appreciate, mxyzplk. A friend of mine is a game developer and also runs a game for some of us. On his website, he put up a rare summary of one of our sessions because it was… unique. I’ll let you read.

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