Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 15 Posted

Have you not been following our science fiction campaign?  Well, it’s a good time to start.  Here’s a fun summary of the StarDrive campaign setting to help.

Fifteenth Session – The Concord command staff has to deal with a lot of shenanigans on Yellowsky.  Every group of religious wackos the setting offers has converged on the Lighthouse and is trying to cause trouble.  And some goon shows up promoting a new “space vampires are our friends” platform.

The space war is really heating up in this session.  We need some kind of anti-psionic tech because we’re being beset by guys with super-psi regularly now.

First, a bunch of bald psychic Jedi-esque weirdos show up and hassle Captain Takashi in the middle of the night.  I was really proud of my acrobatic escape from one balcony to the other till they all came hovering after me.  Then I got away from the first four only to run into another two!   They ego whipped me insensible.  But I got vengeance when the Lighthouse’s escort ships blasted their shuttle to scrap.

I dubbed them “donut worshippers” because of the concentric circle tattoos on their palms they were using to zap me with.  The other players are amused by my colorful names I tag our various unknown opponents with – “space vampires” for the alien bad guys (they’re tall, thin, intelligent, grey-skinned, evil looking, black clothes with frickin’ skulls on their shoulders like they’re out of Warhammer 40k) and now these guys.  Maybe the Captain’s memoirs will be entitled Space Vampires and Donut Priests – Or, How Everything In The Verge Tried To Kill Me.

Up next was the ever-popular on-stage assassination attempt.  I flung myself over the principal to protect her, but they got her anyway.  Alas.

Then the bad guys show up with their “turn Rokk Tressor against us” program.  Their story is “the aliens are friendly!  No, really!”  Apparently when the space vampires teleported aboard a klick ship and led an attack on the Concord Marines there, they were “trying to negotiate.”  Chris did a good job as Rokk, pretending to get on board with the loony tune program while still poking at the most incoherent bits of their story.


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