Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 18 Posted

Eighteenth Session – The kroath get pulped into green goo by the Thuldan forces.  Then, the PCs intrigue while in drivespace; Lambert Fulson’s new job as a drug mule goes really badly.

Sadly I wasn’t there, but the session summary’s good; Bruce has been driving on from Dallas alternate weekends to play!

They ran the Thuldan v. Kroath land battle as a minigame.  The PCs weren’t actually involved.

  • The various other current subplots intertwine.
  • Someone messes with Lambert Fulson and hires him to be a mule but the cargo is poison and he’s set up for murder.
  • Lenny needs special rare ink for his coming-of-age tattoos.
  • Peppin is a more-psychic clone of his old self after getting blown up by the Flying Spacghetti Monster last time.
  • Haggernak investigates it all, including Irate Auditor Otterschmidt from last session.
  • Martin St. John…  Plays with dhros, or orphans, or something.

I like the subplot thing but I could deal with a slightly more rich mix of plot to subplot.  Or, well…  It’s not that I don’t like a pure char-interaction game, maybe it’s just that none of the NPCs really stick around long or have much personality (besides “crazy”).  That’s sort of the problem with our itinerant setup, I guess, but maybe more station NPCs?  Frankly we like the dhros the most of all the stuff just because they’re always around instead of there 2 sessions then gone forever.

Another session tomorrow!

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