Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 22 Posted

Twenty-second Session – The Symposium on the State of the Verge begins on Bluefall!  The PCs go to convention speech after convention speech.  Then, they conduct a complicated sting where they escort space Nazi Alex Racin to infect the native Deepfallen with teln mindworms at the behest of a space vampire.

Sadly, I missed this session.  But it was mostly attending stirring presentations by various stellar nations at a big conference.  The sting was a long complex thing where the space vampire/gardhyi  Krl’Xenoth Nurhan wanted his main human worshipper, ex-Thuldan general Alex Racin, to go down and infect the Bluefall natives, the deepfallen, with the teln mindworms.  Rokk Tressor of the CIB has been cozying up to them, so they asked him to make it happen.  They all went down, but once they were safely 20,000 leagues under the sea and Racin made his play on the deepfallen, Rokk and crew stunned him into insensibility and killed the worms.  More next time!

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