Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 23 Posted

Twenty-third Session – The Symposium on the State of the Verge concludes!  Captain Takashi makes a stirring speech about the External threat that is trilevised across the Verge.  Peppin astral-travels and talks to a Deepfallen and asks them to please not disintegrate everyone on the planet.  And we finally go look up Angela Quinn!

I made it to this session, and thus got the thrill of sitting through many stellar nations’ conference presentations.  Peppin is trying to get someone from every single weirdo alien race we come across to take up residence on the Lighthouse.  I had a good moment as Captain Takashi – I planned out a presentation to make on the External threat, and I rolled a natural 1 (critical success) in addition to my Celebrity perk taking the net result down to sub-zero.  I informed all present about the exact nature and depth of the External threat, and the tri-d crew broadcast it unedited to every corner of the Verge.  Woot!

Then we had some recreation shooting fish from a yacht.  Captain Casoval and I (as Markus) had an innunedo-laced bet going – I lost, but still won, if you get my drift.  Lambert Fulson, entertainingly, was trying to participate but pretty much just fired at random over the rail.

Finally, we looked up Angela Quinn.  She’s a recurring NPC – she was memorable in our very first session of this campaign and has been back since.  Ten-Zel Kim was kinda sweet on her.  I was somewhat enraged to find out that despite being on her planet, no one had looked her up yet.  I hinted a couple times, then had to just flat out say “Are you going to tell me you’re not going to look up Angela while we’re here on Bluefall?”  We were almost discouraged from it – Kim kept calling her up and getting “I’m busy, blow” messages back.  Clearly she was undercover doing something.  Finally we decided “Screw it.  We’re PCs, and poor impulse control is part of the package.”  We went and interrupted her undercover operation and sped it up to the “kill the principal” finale.  I mean, really we should have left her to it, but the GM wasn’t really giving us much to work with – she wasn’t totally convincing in her “leave me alone” so that we’d think “the GM *doesn’t* want us to do this now,” but there was no compelling reason to go in either.  But it was the end of a long session of mostly PowerPoint presentations, so we decided murder was called for.

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