Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 24 Posted

Twenty-fourth Session – Hammer’s Star is eradicated by a massive alien attack!  The Lighthouse heads into action, and jumps to go assist refugees headed to Argos.  We need help ourselves as a klick task force appears, but we wipe them out and then board them to get their monkey!  All this and more in this fortnight’s installment of The Lighthouse.

Please beware the spoilers for the External War – that is, those few of you that still play Alternity out there, and for some reason haven’t read all the material 20 times by now.

Well, this time the crap hit the fan.  A massive klick/etc. fleet came and totally trashed Hammer’s Star and with it most of the Concord fleet in the Verge.  Some civilians got away but that’s about it.  We went to help them get to Argos and had quite a fight of it with a pretty small klick detachment, all things considered.

Administrator Wakefield has started getting lippy with me and taking charge.  But now that it’s wartime Captain Takashi isn’t going to put up with a whole lot of that.

We did a lot of whiteboarding this session of the plots and alien races involved.  We keep doing it, but it doesn’t really lead to any new insights.  “An arbitrarily large number of big and more-advanced-than-us alien races are here to kick our ass in a variety of ways,” basically.

After the space combat, the “B team” on Peppin’s spy ship decided to board the klick ship and look for humans to free (found some!) and intel and prisoners (found some!).  We captured a big ape.  We all shot frantically at him till we realized we had misheard, and the GM had said he was a GRAPE ape. As it was, he tried to grape us in the mouth, but Markus can beat down the biggest and grapiest of foes.

Next time we’re going to try to get the refugees to Argos, though the enemy have better/faster jump capability than us so there’s every reason to believe that place is gonna get wiped off the map in a couple days too.  Wish us luck!

P.S.  Many of our character sheets are posted – feel free and use these ruffians as NPCs in your own games!

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