Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 26 Posted

Twenty-sixth Session – Our handler wants us to forge a brave new world with a new interstellar government.  Instead, we spend the time screwing around with various personal subplots.

Of those subplots, the mainly interesting one was that the Swede’s crazy mutant terrorist ex-wife shows up with a gang and causes problems  – problems we solve with MURDER!  And then there’s a wedding.

Not much more to say about it.  Some of these sessions where we just do all the subplots while we’re in drivespace are a little trying.  There’s a interstellar alien war on, so when people whine to us about some personal problem it’s a bit hard to take it seriously.

One response to “Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 26 Posted

  1. You say “subplots” as if they’re of less value, but these kind of plots are where the fun is, as far as I’m concerned. A game that really focused on the interstellar war would be pretty grim and boring. Just look at the source material that I’m drawing from. In shows like Babylon 5 and DS9, there were always big wars going on, but that was usually secondary to plots that were more personal to the main characters.

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