Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 28 Posted

Twenty-eighth Session – The Jamaicans must fall under our sway!  And for some reason this means we have to go white water rafting.  In the end, brave CIB agent Rokk Tressor gets Thunderholed.

I missed this session, but to hear the other players talk, that’s probably not a bad thing.  They got roped into white water rafting, and the rules being used meant that pretty much everyone was guaranteed to die – since “boating” isn’t high on the list of skills for spacemen and the Alternity system is unforgiving to the untrained (roll d20!  On a 1-3, you don’t die!)

And then another super hard target fight.  We feel somewhat torn about how the combats are going.  Every fight is against extremely high grade opponents – awesome skills, armor, etc. – and often require heavy weapons to best.  The GM pretty much lets us take heavy weapons anywhere, the resistance is more from our sense of realism.  “Really?  Should I really be carrying a duffel full of rocket launchers everywhere I go?  And a quantum minigun?”  That’s not very Star Trek/Babylon 5 so the sense of genre appropriateness inclines us not to do it, but when we don’t, people get killed.  And that’s what happened to Rokk.  He spent all his Last Resort points to survive the whitewater, so then when an uber-NPC got in a lucky shot on him, he was straight up dead.

Since I wasn’t there, you’ll have to get more details from the session summary.  Go click it now!

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