Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 29 Posted

Twenty-ninth Session – After we lay Rokk to rest, we go mess with the remaining Lucullan factions.  Most are kittycats, except for the insane and violent Picts.  But they’re not as insane and violent as we are!

Chris had a new character since Rokk got Thunderholed last time – Drest Talorgin, a Pict subchief.  So in good faith, we tried to set things up so that he’d confront the Pict chief, King Steel, a psycho cyborg weren.  We planned to hijack Steel’s cyber gear and then Dreth would take him out in combat.

Well, Taveer and Lenny managed to put a virus in Steel’s cyber maintenance gear, and it gave him a 2 step penalty to everything…  But he was so insanely ripped out that didn’t matter.  When as planned the fight broke out in the Pict assembly during the negotiations, King Steel totally tore Drest to bits, and then our own weren, Haggernak, jumped in, and Steel tore him to bits too.

As a player, I really didn’t want to steal their thunder.  So Markus tried to just ask for Haggernak and Drest’s lives (he was willing to settle for Haggernak) but Steel attacked him as well.  Well, Markus doesn’t tolerate primitive screwheads putting their mitts on him, so he executed the huge Pict with his chainsword.  The whole assembly fell silent; you could have heard a pin drop.  So Markus used one of my favorite Conan quotes – “Enough talk!” and issued a call to arms.  I have to admit, it was entertaining to be a Conan-style barbarian chieftain for a week.  And we got a Pict horde out of the deal; we gave them a camp in a cargo ship Lambert Fulson owns that’s docked with the Lighthouse.

We finished up in Lucullus.  The subplots in drivespace were fun.  Rokk Tressor’s ghost returned to haunt Peppin.  Degenerate gambler Marlok Taneer showed up and wanted Markus to get him “variable density bio-gel,” which I immediately realized he was going to use to load dice with.  Which was fine with me, as long as it wasn’t in my casino, and as long as I was getting a cut.

Then a human woman took a liking to our big weren Haggernak.  Easter egg: Paul was casting about for a name for the woman and I insisted she be named “Satine”, after Satine Phoenix, one of the stars of I Hit It With My Axe.  If you’re familiar with her work, you’ll know why.

And then we took Peppin’s miscreant cousin and forced him to be a steward on the ship we’re keeping our Pict hordes in.  WELCOME TO OZ, BITCH!!!

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