Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Session Summary 27 Posted

Twenty-seventh Session (11 page pdf) – “Rumble in the Wizard’s Tower” – It’s a mixed field of angels, demons, and ghosts as the PCs sweep and clear the Riddleport Light looking for an evil ritual.  I mean, an evil ritual besides the ones they are performing. That’s a big Twinkie.  Welcome to the one year anniversary of our Pathfinder pirate campaign, Reavers on the Seas of Fate!

As my adaptation of Madness in Freeport progresses, I used the Goodman Games/Wicked Fantasy Factory adventure “Rumble in the Wizard’s Tower” to flesh out the lighthouse.  In MiF it’s just a boring new lighthouse, but the Riddleport Light is old and was the hangout of a demon summoning sorcerer.  Which calls for some “zazz!”

May I note that a lot of the Goodman stuff is on super-sale at, the WFF adventures are currently $2 a pop – go get them!  They’re good stuff.

Anyway, there’s all kinds of weirdness going on.  Time is speeding up and slowing down.  Everyone that has ever died in the zip code seems to be coming back as a ghost.  Every weird little altar seems to have a direct line to Deity Central.  Who ya gonna call?  The Reavers!

First we had a big setpiece fight with a mess of Riddleport gendarmes guarding the inside of the tower, which was fun.  Then they find the Naughty Box.  I don’t even remember which movie I saw this scene in; I remember an iron box in a big room simply surrounded with crosses and stuff.  Here, it was surrounded with all kinds of evil stuff. They freed an angel from it but it was a little crazy.  Wogan did a good job of wrangling it; Tommy and Sindawe are evil after all so it tended to shoot at them when in doubt.  Then when the imp showed up, it made for some good roleplaying. Sindawe made the call to give the succubus to the imp after having her kill the angel.  Wogan wasn’t all that happy with it but everyone defers to Sindawe. Even if he is a little demon-possessed and crazy.

Then they talk down the ghost of Gebediah Crix and meet their two cop friends.  I wanted to throw in a familiar face to reassert that they are in Riddleport and not just some remote dungeon location.  Next time, it’s the big finale!  They’re prepared to bust through the door and take on Elias Tammerhawk.  Will it be that simple?  Hint: no!  Mmmmwah hah ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

One response to “Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Session Summary 27 Posted

  1. Finally caught up on posting session summaries. And tomorrow, I’m running the finale of the first major campaign arc! Expect all the stops to be pulled out.

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