Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 33 Posted

Thirty-second Session – Wait, wasn’t my last posting #31?  Session summary #32 is currently MIA because Tim is a huge slacker.  I’ll link it if it ever shows up.

The short form is that we steal some klick eggs from the alien base near the sick guy’s vault and scram.  Then we track down Scrooge McDuck’s pirate-stolen treasure on some Spanish colony and are attacked by rabid Ewoks.  Some pirates attack us, and regret it for the couple seconds of life remaining as Markus pounds grenade launcher rounds into them.  And then when we go into the caves to find where they stashed the treasure, we meet some rock crystal aliens that are like Hortas with illusion powers.  The emanations from the homing beacon the pirates placed there make them horny (no seriously) so in exchange for us turning it on and leaving it there (on a different frequency, natch) they let us have the moolah.

Thirty-third Session – Here’s where it gets freaky.  We get the rock-crystal aliens to help us by channelizing the pirates into our ambush, and murder or press gang them all.  But then as we’re loading the loot onto out ship, klicks attack.  But we end up cutting a deal with them!  Hooray klicks, our  new… allies?

As Markus, I found it entertaining that when I gave a frag grenade out to each of my companions, I gave them a very clear safety briefing.  Sadly no one remembered the safety briefing once the action started.  Lenny tries to activate his grenade by licking it and Ten-zil throws his grenade well within the 10′ effective range of his own party.  He’s not handing out grenades next time.  And then Markus’ own grenade launcher jammed!  That forces him to resort to melee because his Dex-based gun skills stink.  All this made a fight that should not have been challenging at all somewhat more challenging, but my new secret weapon is four ranks in Armor Operation which allows me to shrug off two points of rollover stun damage per shot, an immense improvement in combat durability.  Used to be, with enough mooks, even an armored warlion would suck up enough rollover to go down in a round or two.

I was totally ready to unload on the klicks but I saw the story hints and we negotiated.  I was wondering how the hell we were going to do anything against the huge unstoppable External army, and this appears to be the leverage point; if we can turn the klicks then it’s no longer “way more guys with way bigger ships and better tech who completely understand all your tech” time.

So all we have to do is assault the alien-occupied klick homeworld!  Easy peasy!

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