Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 34 Posted

Thirty-fourth Session – We bring our new klick buddy back to the Lighthouse, and get the third degree from our other set of characters. Then we are off to recon the alien-conquered Hammer’s Star system! All this and more, in the latest installment of our Alternity campaign, The Lighthouse.

One of the weirder things about this campaign, where we are playing “A Team” station command staff characters and “B Team” ambassadors, criminals, and other unaligned folks, is that we often have arguments with ourselves.  This time, the B Team sneaks an alien on board the station, which gets them all detained and TSAed out the yinyang by the A Team. But it’s all in good fun.

The whole part where Peppin’s cousin somehow got in good with the Picts and then ran the Corner casino out of cash and arm wrestled his cousin using his won FSM powers for the ambassadorship was a lot longer and more in depth.  But really many of the details ended up not being important enough to bother typing in, so it seems pretty short. We tried a whole bunch of jockeying with the Picts and Tanya Taneer but none of that went anywhere.

Then we finally played the A Team a little while!  They’re like 2 levels lower than the B Team by now.  We went on a boomer-style mission to Hammer’s Star; we did a lot of plotting strategy.

Next summary is mostly done and going up ASAP too!

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