Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 37 Posted

Thirty-seventh Session (9 page pdf) – The B team goes to make contact with some new aliens, potential allies who really like and respect violence. If they like violence, they’re going to love us!

Bruce and Patrick were out, so there were just three of us to handle the diplomatic mission to the Medurr, a new alien race of matriarchal warlike draco-centaurs. Tim ran Ambassador Peppin, the Borealin dissipation-friendly academic, and Chris ran Ten-zil Kem, the dissipation-friendly VoidCorp exec. I ran Markus, the only sober member of the party.

It was an interesting session.  There was the expected fight with the Medurr to prove we weren’t wusses – and Markus was firing on all cylinders.  I beat the entire squad of Medurr down in two rounds (with some help from Peppin and Ten-zil).

Then we do a little clandestine research on them mainly with some of their many slave races – some cute little groundhog guys with exploding collars, mainly good for smacking around and getting you drinks, and the octopus people, who seem to have all the marketable skills but a fatalistic outlook that keeps them from rebelling.  The Medurr seem like they can be a great ally against the Klicks and i’krl but there’s a high chance that like, say, every single Central American and Middle Eastern country, that if we arm them and train them too much we’ll just be fighting them in ten years. So we’re trying to strike a deal while planting seeds for future destabilization.

Funny note, with the D&D 4e lameness that is the Dragonborn in mind, we asked whether the female Medurr have breasts – they don’t.  We were relieved.  But then there was a picture of the octopus people and they are quite busty.  We laughed sadly.

Next time, we go on a dinosaur hunt!  Markus always welcomes an opportunity to generate some maximum overkill.

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