Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 39 Posted

Thirty-ninth Session – It’s large scale war planning as Lucullus falls, we win at Ignatius, and a new alien spills a load of historical beans. We’re sick of always playing defense, so the Lighthouse heads out to Medurr space to get them on board one way or the other, and the B Team takes the Red Queen to go pacify some alien-collaboratin’ pirates.

We didn’t actually do all that much this session – the B Team took some autistic kid off Lucullus, and then that system promptly betrayed the Alliance.  Then we interrogated a new alien called an Evrem, and used our alien communication artifact to talk to everyone we know. More out of luck than anything we send a battle group to Ignatius and they take out an External fleet there – the aliens split their forces, bad idea for them. It was a long series of planning and events we weren’t there for.  But we’ve set the stage for violent anti-pirate combat at Ptolemy and violent diplomacy with the Medurr next time.

If we get the Medurr to chip in, and our captive kararan scientists can reverse the klick egg-bioengineering so that the klicks will turn on the i’krl, we just might have a fighting chance!

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