Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 40

Fortieth Session -The B Team takes the Red Queen to Ptolemy and has to whip the crazy cyber-lovin’ women manning her into shape. Once we get there, the pirates are shacked up with the aliens, so we set an inescapable trap for them. And we buy Taveer a lap dance. All this and more in this fortnight’s session of our Alternity Star*Drive campaign, The Lighthouse!

The Red Queen is as crazy as ever – the ship from the Last Warhulk, but run by a crazy “Alice” AI who thinks everything is in fantasyland.  Her new “handmaidens” are a bunch of Nariac cultists with so much cyber that they go nuts from cykosis at the drop of a hat. They are pacifists, but conveniently have all sorts of hideous weapons implanted for when they go bugfuck crazy. Which they do.

Then we infiltrate the pirate flagship. My favorite part was when we burst onto the bridge, where the pirate captain and his External handlers were chilling.

Markus shouts out, “Alien collaborator says what?” and flings a pulse grenade into the midst of them.


We laid a good trap for the pirates. We figured that if we just jumped a battle group in, the pirates would jump right out.  But then their stardrives need to recharge. So we figured out their rally point, staged a diversionary attack so they’d flee, and had our battle group waiting for them at their rally point. Whap!

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