Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 41

Forty-first Session – The Lighthouse is going to Cambria to meet the Medurr, but is knocked out of drivespace early and has to head off an alien setup. Then we throw our Picts into battle against the kroath! Under 50% losses is a victory in our book. The Medurr sign on to the Verge Alliance, and we plot strategy. All this and more in this fortnight’s session of our Alternity Star*Drive campaign, The Lighthouse!

Bruce (Taveer, Lambert Fulson) has taken to attending the game via Skype, because he’s too much of a wuss to drive from Dallas to Austin every weekend. Since we upgraded to a HD camera it works pretty well, and when he starts gibbering we can mute him, which makes the game go smoother than previously even.

We discover the Medurr have a drivespace denial weapon, which we thought was impossible, in addition to the riftships we had thought were impossible. The N’sss conduct a transparent “We’re attacking the Medurr and we must be treacherous humans” ploy, which we foil by blowing up one of their ghost ships.  Then they dump a bunch of kroath on the Medurr, and the big tough Klingon centaurs start whining like bitches. So we finally pop the tab on all those insane Pict warriors we brought on board in Lucullus and start the kill.

We finished that up pretty quickly, and then burned two hours debating where to send our various battle groups to in order to defend the Verge from the “alien fleets so massive you can’t beat a single one of them,” to hear the GM tell it.  Sigh.

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