Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Two, Ninth Session

Ninth Session (10 page pdf) – “Architects of Ruin” – An assault on some hidden caves goes drastically wrong and half the party is captured by various miscreants. Pirates! Ghosts! Guns! Orca! Explosions! Gates to other worlds! Thrill to the hard-hitting action in the latest installment of Reavers on the Seas of Fate.

Well, this session didn’t quite go how I thought it would. The PCs found the hidden caves of dungeoney fun, but as most of them looked at going in through a secret door, Sindawe dives in through a sea cave and finds a whole crew of pirates at work. And then he decides to take them all on  himself! I was a bit surprised at that. He made a good run at it really, even when surrounding him and getting sneak attacks it took natural 20’s for the mook pirates hto hit his super boosted monk AC. And even the pirate captain, Screev Ten-tooth, was having a bit of a hard time shooting him with his nifty double barreled pistol. But then the captain pulled out his alchemical flare shots, which blinded Sindawe, and that left him open to some intense whupass.  I tried to encourage him to dive back in and swim for it (being in the water gets you some intense cover bonuses, he benefited from them coming in) but he just fought it out till he went down, I’m not sure why. He killed half the pirate gang, which came in handy later though, that’s for sure.

You can download Screev Ten-tooth from the Reavers NPC page. He’s an expert2/gunslinger4/rogue2.

While this was going on, the PCs tried to come in the other way – it’s possible they could have rolled the whole dungeon up in the middle – but the siren ghost fended them off, taking prisoners (Hatshepsut and Akron Erix), routing Clegg Zincher’s goons, and charming Serpent and Tommy.  So off they go, to find the giant dread wraith lover boy of the siren ghost – they were lovers back in the day, but a hateful priest and some villagers killed the siren and then the dude hung himself. I figured they were going to have to kill him, but they actually managed to talk the wraith down and get him to follow them to the siren’s lair. I made that really hard to do, and halfway he started going after Wogan because he confused him with the priest that killed the siren, but each time they talked him down – high skills and assists getting those 30+ DCs required. Thus they overcame the whole siren ghost/dread wraith thing pretty handily! She gave them a parting blessing, even.

Then they found the Dark Gate, the one opened by the blast from the Cyphergate, bringing the real world and the shadow world (aka spirit world, demon dimension, monster realm) together with their world. They realized the bits of Tammerhawk’s glyph that exploded when they disrupted the ritual in the Riddleport Light (aka Shadow in the Sky/Madness in Freeport) embedded in them are attuned to the gate somehow.

They did a hurry-up attack on the pirates – they had to break through a barricade in the face of a swivel gun, luckily Wogan knows just when to pop an obscuring mist to provide cover. They hacked through the pirate crew. The captain used a flare shot to shoot a gunpowder bomb with a short length of quickfuse on it. That took us into slo-mo really quickly – Serpent went for the keg, and other people dove for cover. I said the fuse would take d6 segments (ticks in the initiative count) to burn down, so there was a lot of risk involved. Serpent managed to grab it and chunk it out into the sea cave before it went off with a massive shuddering crash. Then the pirate captain held his gun in Sindawe and ordered them to surrender their arms.

I am not a kind and forgiving GM. When someone has a person in that position, they get a free coup de grace whenever anyone tries anything – I am NOT a believer in “the bad guy has a knife to her throat!” “We take our full round of attacks, he’s dead, yay!” That’s BS.  But luckily, Wogan had a spare Infamy Point to spend. He whipped his pistol out and shot that gun right out of the captain’s hand! He out-gunned a gunslinger. Good one. Then the orca watching over Sindawe came out of the water and chomped him.

(This generated some argument from Chris, Sindawe’s player… He swam into the sea cave during the day, when the water is illuminated from the sunlight outside and was seen easily; the orca came in at night when it couldn’t be seen… This chafed him for some reason.)

The session ended up with all of them in the water again – this time to escape the tender ministrations of the tentacle-dogs that came out of the Dark Gate after them. And then a shadow demon came boiling out!

Earlier in the session, Paul (Serpent), who had run Second Darkness for another group, had said “thanks for taking out that shadow demon, that thing was a bitch!” I was like “Uh, sure, no problem <snicker>.”

Maybe we should just start every session with the PCs all in water. Make a theme out of it. Maybe in the HBO series that will inevitably be made. “Reavers, this fall from HBO!”

My favorite exchange from this session:

The pirate captain calls, “Arr! Surrender and ye can be part of my crew!”
“What are the terms of this deal?” Sindawe calls while continuing to swim for the tunnel.
“Arr. You can be me cabin boy and I promise to not be too rough on ya.”

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  1. How are you finding the gunslinger class? I’ve seen grumblings that it’s weak in comparison to other classes, and that guns aren’t really worth using. I ask because a couple of members of my group are thinking about generating gunslingers for our next campaign.

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