Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 43

Forty-third Session – We infiltrate an External fortress ship to prevent them from getting away with their superweapon. We use our own superweapons to defeat them – the Red Queen, alien aphrodisiac crystals, a nuke, and a Thuldan Warlion! They never stood a chance. All this and more in this session of our Alternity Star*Drive campaign, The Lighthouse!

Last time, we’d basically gone down to Mantebron and found out that the aliens had stolen an Ancient superweapon and generally were all over things there. We were leaving with our tails between our legs after some light recon, but Markus the warlion convinced the rest of the group that with a clever plan, we could (albeit at the risk of our own lives) sabotage their effort.

Mainly, this involved clandestinely inserting into their fortress ship the Phlegethon, nuking the thaal cathedral where all their psychics are, and setting off the alien weapon so it shoots the other fortress ship, the Styx. The main goal being destruction of the weapon, but also sowing whatever chaos and destruction we can.

Many of the group had misgivings about the survivability of this plan. But Markus figures it’s war – gotta go big or go home.

And the plan worked!  This is one of those sessions where we spend as much time carefully laboring over every little detail as much as in execution – which ends up paying benefits in survivability. The main nail-biter was the precognition ability of the enemy psychics, which end up alerting them to potential attacks. We bypassed that by installing a nuke in their cathedral, given that they probably couldn’t escape the radius in time even with teleportation. Luckily this worked, and then when we fired off the superweapon we put a big albeit nonfatal hole in both fortress ships.

Markus got to march around the ship in power armor firing drum after drum of grenades from his Zeke-5 grenade launcher, which always gives him a warm feeling. Wily opponents try to move into melee range to escape the hail of grenades, whence they discover what real pain is like.

Enjoy the writeup!  More to come… We’re moving into the final stages of the war, looks like.

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