Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 47

Forty-seventh Session – While we’re on leave on Bluefall, the B Team decides to go get involved in a troubled film production starring Jack Everstar.  Hollywood style action results!

This was an enjoyable break from our Massive Alien War. Markus, Lambert, and Ten-zil go and involve themselves in a movie shoot where an explosion narrowly avoided terminating promising actor Jack Everstar’s career. We “Burn Noticed” our way onto the set easily.

I was inspired in my depiction of Markus as military consultant by “Fruity Rudy” Reyes of Generation: Kill. In the DVD extras from the HBO series you get to see Reyes, who was one of the Recon Marines that Evan Wright wrote about in his book, both play himself in the series but also train all the other actors in firearm handling, unarmed combat, etc.; it’s pretty cool.  And Markus made sure to take his shirt off at every opportunity in homage. He’s hugely muscled and has a full torso “IX” tattoo from his time in the Ninth Legion.

We broke out the whiskey at the same time our characters were attending the cast party, and as a result the drunken hilarity and shenanigans was partly in the game and partly in our gaming location.We enjoyed the Hollywood sleazeball star party. We didn’t enjoy the second one as much because of the tension of setting Jack up to get him to reveal his dark secret, but then once everyone got arrested we continued to party and trashed his mansion. A couple of us had just watched “Hangover 2” the night before and that contributed to the general debauchery.

Only three players could attend, but that was fine because not a single shot was fired in anger! We rolled some skill checks, mainly for jetski driving and actress wrangling. But in general it was an entertaining, low intensity session that afforded plenty of roleplaying.

2 responses to “Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 47

  1. This session was a good example of where being a bad impersonator comes in handy as a GM. This session involved a lot of in-character RP, and almost every character in the session was me doing an impression of a character from a TV show. But since my impressions aren’t terribly good, the players don’t immediately key to, “Hey, you sound just like that guy from blah blah blah…” It reminds me of an interview I saw with the guy who played George Costanza on the Seinfeld show. For the first two seasons, his entire character was just him doing a Woody Allen impression. But apparently it wasn’t a very good impression, because no one called him on it.

    • Heh, whatever gets the job done!

      My one constructive feedback from the session is that we all love Angela Quinn but we really have to pull teeth to get her involved even when we’re on Bluefall. Since our first session was Bluefall beach volleyball with Angela it’s a fond thing for us – bring her back! Give her personality! Heck she’s one of the 5 or so NPCs whose name we can reliably remember. I think you’d find any of the characters would put Councilor Minister Whatsisname on hold if call waiting showed “Angela Quinn…”

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