Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 48

Forty-eighth Session – VoidCorp’s obvious treason becomes unobvious.  Then obvious again. I’m a little unclear because I missed this session, but we cleaned house in Aegis.

From the session summary by Bruce, it sounds like  we pretty much uncovered VoidCorp’s alien-collaborating perfidy, blew up most of their shit, and found out all kinds of top secret stuff.

A separate briefing from Chris indicates things were a bit more cluster-fucky than that, and that VoidCorp both got to warn everyone in the Verge of our crackdown and that we lost 3000 ship points to their 300 (a dint of the simplified space combat system is that if you completely kick someone’s ass, you still lose 5% of your force, so if you attack with overwhelming force, the bad guys kill like 10x their number as they go out).

The session  summary doesn’t mention us actually taking out the N’sss base but Chris said we did.  I’ll assume we did, just because that sounds better.

[Edit: Bruce came through with a completed summary; we did indeed take out the N’sss base and the Externals are suing for peace.]

3 responses to “Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 48

  1. You’ve been quiet lately – hope all is well~

    Good to see an Alternity update

    • Oh yeah, thanks man, I was out of town for a week and am just starting to get caught up enough to start blogging. It’s why I missed this last Alternity game, another is coming up this Sunday though!

  2. Good news~
    I have zero experience with Alternity, so reading these reports is pretty entertaining. I also like to see a group that fully embraces troupe style play.

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