Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 49

Forty-ninth Session – An I’krl ambassador comes insystem suing for peace. We ignore this obvious ruse and send the fleet to lift the siege of Tendril while the B Team takes the Red Queen to figure out what the hell the problem is with Algemron.

Admiral Takashi, my A Team character, enjoyed declaring VoidCorp enemies of humanity.  Those guys have been douches consistently throughout the entire campaign and clearly any ginger handling of them will just come back to bite us. So it’s internment camps for them. We interrogated the VoidCorp admiral who had been passing the Externals our battle plans, and he was ridiculously unhelpful. “Never, I love my new alien masters!” So it was time for roofies and psychic interrogation.

The External ambassador showing up and wanting a cease-fire was also clearly a diversion so that they can regroup after their unexpected defeats at our hands. The Admiral decided he was just there to jerk us off, so after a bit of a chat we sent some diplomats in to waste each others’ time for a couple months while we go to liberate some systems!

After some planned, we decided that the Tendril system, being besieged by an External fortress ship, should get the A Team, the Lighthouse and a big Verge Alliance fleet dispatched for its liberation.

Algemron is a bit knottier. The two planets there, Alitar and Galvin, have been at each other for decades. We have heard rumors about a new drug, whitespike, coming from there with what sounds like gardhyi enforcers, rumors of teln infestation of Galvin leadership, and all kinds of other weird stuff. Galvin has a pretty good fleet. Both systems are ignoring the rest of the Verge while locked in their death grapple. We decided to send the Red Queen, stealthed, with the B Team and a squad of Recon Marines to figure out what is going on and, probably, shoot it.

Interestingly, Markus, my B Team character, was talking with this fraal smuggler on Wreathe, Kiara Mantel, trying to get the lay of the land, and they really started vibing on each other (a routine Personality check to see whether she would deal with him resulted in a critical success). We’ll see what happens when we get back from the weapons drop – when we return, she’s supposed to give us a contact in the resistance on Galvin. Markus isn’t a ladies’ man, and love isn’t a primary motivation for him – as a mutant, he generally feels somewhat alienated from normal peoples’ goings-on. He’s only had two relationships in the campaign, a short unfulfilling one with an unemotional Thuldan engineer and then a more “party sex” one with infamous pirate Captain Cassoval. Upon further reflection, a fraal smuggler does somewhat split the difference between those two. A gruff muscled warlion and a sly frail psychic seems like an odd match, but I guess it worked for Arnold and Maria (well, until recent unfortunate events).

One response to “Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 49

  1. All of this is still unreal to Tinzel Kim, the Insight sleeper. He went from being the VC ambassador (with a nice fat expense account), to being a prisoner of war, to working openly with the Alliance and pretty clearly labeled as a member of Insight. Tinzel was expecting to meet his end via a VC firing squad after pulling a modest gain for Insight at VC expense.
    Tinzel doesn’t understand why VoidCorp sided with the I’krl. Yet. Right now it looks like a completely insane move by VoidCorp. They are betting everything that the I’krl will win the immediate conflict and the war that will follow when Old Space arrives. Because if they don’t win nothing will stop the rest of humanity from destroying the VC root and branch.
    Which means Voidcorp has been working with the I’krl for a long time already, well before the immediate conflict. The planning and infrastructure (e.g. 5 years of operation for the mining operation/communication relay at Red Crown) say so. And that means that the I’krl are much scarier than we know. Or that VC high, high command is T’eln infested (or something like that).

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