Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 54

Fifty-fourth Session – We send all our I’krl possessed crewmen to some weird alien living on Bluefall to see if he can fix them. Needless to say, he can’t but sends us on an interstellar fetch quest. And then our favorite space vampire, Krl’Zenoth Nurhan, teleports onto the Red Queen with his shock troops for a stint of ass-kicking.

A fifteen page session summary!  You know some stuff happened. First, Bruce’s second mechalus character showed up. After Taveer, we were justifiably gun-shy.Then an evrem (space Jews, apparently) gives us a bunch of interstellar backstory that as usual doesn’t really help us tactically.

Let’s see, the most entertaining parts of the session… Well, there was how we are having to handle our possessed crewmates.  There’s a lot of interrogating them with Marines with stutter rifles arrayed around them, to stun everyone involved into a coma whenever anyone sneezes.  And storing them in C4-laden sarcophagi. They are so dangerous, it really would be much more prudent to just kill them (and man, this side quest is really taking a lot of time) but, we’re the good guys.

My idea that Joe’s Crab Shack had grown into a small stellar nation (kinda like “all restaurants are Taco Bell” in Demolition Man) entertained everyone.

And then as we take our sarcophagi to Yellowsky to try to cure them – an I’krl strike force shows up and the teleport aboard the Red Queen for some freeform killing, led by our old foe the space vampire himself. They really want the possessed guys; it would provide them a direct link to their space god. The B Team and our Concord Marine support staff fire a lot of weaponry. Markus is hell on wheels with his chainsword; I finally got to tear that space vampire SOB a new asshole with it! Woot!

But that wasn’t the end; we got to Yellowsky and headed out into the wilderness to look for some ruins, and got to fight the local flora.

Enjoy the summary, lots happened, some of it pretty funny.

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