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Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Three, Second Session

Second Session (15 page pdf) – “Tammeraut’s Fate” – The  Teeth of Araska crosses the Arcadian Ocean headed for Azlant, and finds an abandoned monastery on Firewatch Island, the first major waypoint in the islands. What’s going on?

The crew wavecrawls their way West across the Arcadian Ocean. As usual I use a mix of random weather generation and the Today at Sea encounter generator.

Crazy ships!  Ghost ships!  Bad storms! They become concerned their ship is haunted! It was really just a couple coincidences but I enjoyed how quickly a couple unexplained minor occurrences turned into a major witch hunt; welcome to shipboard life.

And finally they reach Firewatch Island, home to a lone monastery – and the location of famed Dungeon Magazine adventure Tammeraut’s Fate! Dungeon #106, written by none other than Greg A. Vaughan. Think John Carpenter’s “The Fog” and you’ll be on track. Besides a peryton it seems abandoned, but something bad happened recently… More on that next time!