Carrion Crown Chapter 4, Wake of the Watcher, Session 5

Fifth Session (13 page pdf) – The black goat of the woods with a thousand young approaches!  Ia!  Ia!


Just out of pure coincidence, everyone decided to bring a huge helping of donuts or other baked goods for the group this session, so we went into the finale in a carb-fueled frenzy.

First we fight more mi-go, who have a lovely cold projector gun that I get and eventually learn how to use! They also have a large body-mulching machine, which we forgo learning how to use. Then there’s more tentacle-heads. We wipe them while singing the Billy and the Boingers song “Love Rhino.”

And then it’s go time!  We fight a Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath while the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young herself starts to enter Golarion!  It’s hard fought, details are in the session summary, but we persevere!

We escape the flooding base, go back to town, install the mayor’s brain as ruler pro tempore, and pull the heck out. We take the one sane person we met with us, Laurel Sills the innkeeper. We took such a liking to her that we agreed to stake her to a bar in Caliphas, the vampire town.  (Get it? Stake?  Ha ha ha haaaa!)

On the way there, we meet a Renfield with a wagon containing a vampiress! Somehow, we manage to parley instead of just go on a murder spree, even though I had to leave early…


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