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Simulation and Immersion

There’s a new series of articles going up on about my favorite gaming topics – simulation and immersion. I don’t read the Big Purple much any more but that got my attention! What the heck are “simulation” and “immersion?” … Continue reading

Decrease Metagaming, Increase Immersion

Immersion. Actually taking on the role of your character in an RPG; behaving, and ideally feeling, like you are a person in this shared fictional world. To me, immersion is the heart and soul of roleplaying.  If I just wanted … Continue reading

On Immersion

I firmly believe that immersion should be the primary artistic goal of a roleplaying game.  It is an eminently achievable goal which creates a rich experience that one that can rightfully claim to be more than “just a game.”  Sadly, … Continue reading

D&D 5e PHB Readthrough, Chapter 4: Personality and Background

Twenty pages of actual roleplaying-related information in a Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook?  What’s the world coming to? Welcome to the next in the series of my D&D Fifth Edition PHB readthrough and review. We ground through all the classes last … Continue reading

Over the Edge is Back!

What were Jonathan Tweet and Robin Laws doing back in the ’90’s before they became RPG superstars?  They wrote Over the Edge, a rules light game of surreal conspiracy set on the fictional Mediterranean island of Al Amarja. It was … Continue reading

What Do RPGs Teach You?

In my recent article, Your PCs Are Murderous Cretins, I talk about the ethics of violence in RPGs and how most PCs we see are not acting in any way we would consider moral in the real world. I made … Continue reading

Your PCs Are Murderous Cretins

To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.      – Theodore Roosevelt Violence is a pretty standard part of the vast majority of RPGs. And that’s fine, to a degree.  But the … Continue reading

D&D 5th Edition

There’s speculation on ENWorld about whether a D&D 5th Edition is in the works already.  I contemplated what this would require.  Seems to me that they’d want to wait until they could make every part of the game collectible. The … Continue reading

My RPG DNA, Part 3: The Late Memphis Years

As the year comes to an end, I’m realizing that several post series I did kinda petered out without me completing them, so I’m going to try to bring them some closure! This summer, people were posting in depth on … Continue reading

Reexamining the Dungeon?

There’s an interesting post from Robert Schwalb about the rut 4e adventure design has gotten itself into.  The comments are pretty interesting, too. I hated the ‘delve’ format when it came out for 3.5e.  I read one adventure using it, … Continue reading

Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Double Session Summary (17 and 18) Posted

Seventeenth and Eighteenth Sessions (14 page pdf) – “Fleeing Riddleport” and “Beyond the Towers” – In this special double summary, the PCs flee Riddleport with shadows, gendarmes, and half-orc enforcers on their heels.  Samaritha suddenly comes out with a whole … Continue reading

Request for Comment: Hero Points

Or whatever you want to call them  – Action Points, Fate Points, Karma Points, Plot Points, et cetera.  For reference here’s a good but somewhat dated summary of a bunch of hero point mechanics by John H. Kim. Here’s the … Continue reading