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Jade Regent – The Brinewall Legacy, Session 6

Sixth Session (18 page pdf) – We overcome the dangers of Brinewall Castle with flair and savoir faire!  As is so often the case, love of the booty ends up being the downfall of Kikkonu the tengu. Read on as we uncover the secrets of the Brinewall Legacy.

First, while fighting some more of those dang dire corbies, we make a new “ally,” a harpy. Bruce (Harwynian) has a long standing bird fetish and so he wasted no time befriending her.

We also discovered how weird and dumb all the illumination rules are. We had a lot of darkness on light on sunrod interaction questions.  Paul the GM’s interpretation was light inside the darkness does nothing, but light right outside the darkness gives dim light…

Anyway, the harpy is apparently Kikkonu’s on again, off again girlfriend. We devised a plan – apparently she has falsely tried to make peace with him before five times, but only attacked him three of those.  We interpreted that as “the other two ended up in make-up sex” and a quick guy calculation assured us that a 2/5 chance of booty and 3/5 chance of being attacked means that he for sure would show up for time #6.

Have you heard of the excellent “Combat as Sport vs. Combat as War” essay? Well, we’re firm believers in combat as war. As a result no one was disappointed when our well executed ambush killed us a hellclown in 2 rounds.

That mostly cleared the castle. We then wandered around investigating and running afoul of haunts and random animals. The fact that the ballroom was completed but the defensive works were not earned our scorn.  “What, was this place built by elves or something?”

Bjorn about dies by going and poking every damn critter in the place, mainly as an excuse to exercise his poorly chosen Favored Enemy: Animals.  Of course it turns out nothing is an animal.  That giant killer water bug? Vermin.  Ha ha ha ha urg.

Finally, we get several pages of story development. We discover how Brinewall fell! And find the ghost of my grandpa! And we find out Ameiko is next in line to be Empress! And that we have to go to the Lands of the Linnorm Kings to seek our ancestral katana! And when we pull out, not-fairy Spivey comes with us!  BADGE HOLOCAUST!

Next time, we take a side trek to the Rift of Niltak hoping for gold and glory.

Jade Regent – The Brinewall Legacy, Session 5

Fifth Session (14 page pdf) – We decide to sneak into Brinewall Castle the back way and as a result get the dubious reward of hitting the boss monster first, a hideous tentacle god. There is much probing. Then we rescue a barbarian chick from some holding cells. And there is much probing.

When we got back to the caravan to rest, we got a kick out of trying to explain what was going on to the NPCs.  “The place is full of humanoids that are like Heckle and Jeckle meet Bullhead and they’re lead by a hellclown who loves live theater! But the fairy who’s not a fairy helps us.” I think they assumed we had been spending our time smoking crack in an abandoned ruin.

Them we did something either clever or stupid, we’re still not really sure in retrospect.  We reasoned there certainly had to be some kind of secret tunnel exit and we searched around for it and found one!  But it led us right to the entire castle’s boss monster – some kind of demonic flying decapus that farted on us and just about killed us all in one go.  Being tactics guy, I got us to fall back into a more constrained space where it couldn’t fly, and Harwynian really came through by Webbing it.  The endgame was really intricate – it was still getting spells in on us and we couldn’t really hurt it.  But then it Scorching Rayed at us burning a tunnel through the Web.  V’lk shot it and got a critical; Paizo crit cards (in the form of the iCrit iPad app) said “nerve center!” and it was stunned for the rest of the combat.  And I got to finish it with a Fist of the North Star quote. Then we pulled the hell out of there because we were really messed up.

Once we’re not bleeding so much, we reinsert and free an Ulfen woman from an ogre jailer. I tried to make Viking-nice with her and it seems like it worked, she joined our caravan, and it got us a badge!

Then it was just freeform dungeoneering in the castle.  Some high points:

Gobo finds a secret door that leads out into a maze of tunnels leading deeper down. Hiro says, “Must lead to the Darklands! Hey wait… I hope that “third vault” prophecy doesn’t mean, like, the third vault of Orv because that would be f*cked up.”

“Shut the door!” cries Hiro.
“He chopped it down!” replies Jacob.

Bjorn vomits helpfully on a troglodyte.

Bjorn goes first, singing the battle-song of his people (“I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes; I saw the sign”).

Stairs continue up. Jacob says, “The hellclown is probably up there!”
Gobo replies, “But it was downstairs last time.”
V’lk signs “two.”
“Oh, you think there‟s two of them?” V’lk nods.
“Makes sense – it takes two tengu to tango!” says Hiro. He holds out his fist to V‟lk. “Blow it up!” V’lk declines grumpily.

We end with a nice cliffhanger – upstairs in a study we find the hellclown’s play, and Jacob just knocks it off the desk and bellows a challenge, much to our horror. Next time, we’ll find out what all responds!

Jade Regent – The Brinewall Legacy, Session 4

Fourth Session (13 page pdf) – We hit Brinewall Castle and it’s full of dire corbies. As if those aren’t bad enough, then there’s mutant ogrekin and a hellclown! The hellclown that killed V’lk’s family! Run away! Run away!

Here’s his rendition of the hellclown (with the start of Brinewall Castle in the background)…

We’re into the eponymous part of The Brinewall Legacy, the first chapter of the Jade Regent Adventure Path.We start out with a reefclaw fight. I’ve mentioned before how stupid the aberration rules are – basically, since they prescribe certain stats due to universal monster rules, every bottom-dwelling mutated thing – reefclaws, otyughs, etc – all technically have quite good INT scores, like chess-playing level INT scores.  But of course they have no civilization and just lurk alone in holes and eat poo. Of course Bjorn especially feels wronged by all this; he took favored enemy: animals as a ranger.  And nothing is an animal. Oh, it might look like an animal – but no, it’s an “aberration” or “vermin” or “magical beast…”

Anyway, then we fought some dire corbies!  They are like Heckle and Jeckle on steroids. You may remember them from the 1e Fiend Folio. As we fought, I could not help but repeat over and over again to myself…

The raven sings
The raven saw
And in the corn
He sayeth, ‘CAH’

If they get you in the clear they pounce and get like five attacks on you. We learned our lesson from that and never let them get a head start to pounce again!

When we went into the castle, there was “grunting and meaty slapping” from a courtyard.  You might imagine what we thought of that.  When it turned out it was some mutated ogrekin wrassling, Hiro wanted to beat them down and take them alive. But when V’lk went running up to them he got one-shot KOed! There was a lot of yelling “You just got knocked the fuck out!” as a result. This excited Jacob who just started swinging his two-handed sword.  Luckily we managed to take them alive anyway.

After a vicious fight with an ogress, we met the boss – technically a yamabushi tengu, but as we don’t know that term we call him a “hellclown.”

He and his corbies chased us all the way out of the castle and we holed up in a building in town, injured and out of spells, but they found us.  I ascribe our survival to me taking a strong hand with tactics – I made Bjorn get in the door with me behind him with my glaive, and used my magical wakizashi to do a shield other on him. Everyone else shot out the windows as we cut them down one by one as they tried to enter; double attacks from us but spread out damage from them. Bruce didn’t really get many of the details in the summary (he Skypes in, so tactical combat is challenging for him). Whoo, it was a real sphincter clenching moment, definitely the fight so far that really could have just killed us all. But we’re not out of the woods yet…

Jade Regent – The Brinewall Legacy, Session 3

Third Session (9 page pdf) – We travel across Varisia and see the sights, until we reach Brinewall.  Ameiko falls mysteriously ill and we go recon the town, which is mostly intact but abandoned. What caused its sudden abandonment? We mean to find out.

We’re still going in The Brinewall Legacy, the first chapter of the Jade Regent Adventure Path. Apparently the first major arc in and around Sandpoint isn’t even half the chapter!

As we open in Sandpoint, V’lk continues to torment the local Sczarni for no real good reason. Then we get on the road in our caravan.  We manage to avoid “caravan combat,” which is for the best, and basically just have a travelogue of Varisia for a while.

I got to roleplay Hiro’s somewhat naive side… He was raised by his strict and somewhat assholey dad and then was shipped off to Chelaxian military academy. “Dad always said that the Varisians are a dog people…”  And he’s learning the samisen from Ameiko.  Note that in our previous Rise of the Runelords campaign, fratricide Tsuto Kaijitsu went to jail and wasn’t killed, hence that reference here.

As a result of our Riddleport-based Reavers on the Seas of Fate campaign I run, neither hell nor high water can convince our band of only second level adventurers to go to Riddleport. I’ve done my job as a GM; the group is sure they will all be robbed and rape-murdered if we go within 60 miles of the place.

The one downside was that the relationship rules started to get stupid. The Jade Regent Player’s Guide has these rules for relationships with the primary NPCs, with the intent that you build up point after point for a long time so that they’ll like you. (Apparently I need to “gain faction” with my own sister?) Anyway, it seems like giving gifts is the surest way to a quick +1 and so you’ll notice a couple gift buying and giving frenzies, ending up with Bjorn finally being rebuffed after buying a puppy for Shalelu.

I don’t mind relationship mechanics but I don’t like when they are too exposed – it makes the relationship between us and the NPCs forced and mechanical. I can spend an evening learning the samisen from my sister, but that doesn’t get a point, just the list of things in the ruleset… With new NPCs we meet, we have to be concerned about are they “special” NPCs we should track faction with to generate relationships or just normal NPCs we make relationships with the old fashioned way. Bah.

We finally get to Brinewall and scout the place out, it looks interesting.  Most entertaining is meeting Spivey, the “lyrakien azata” who lives in the graveyard.  She looks like a little fairy. She’s clearly a fairy.  Why would you have an outsider that just looks exactly like a fairy but it’s not because it’s from some made up outer plane? It’s just like the undead that aren’t undead because they are <some excuse here>. Anyway, she’s nice, even if the fact she’s a not-fairy is retarded.

Next time, we hit Brinewall Castle like a load of bricks!