Chapter 1 – Burnt Offerings

Unfortunately, I missed Part I (our session scribe Bruce didn’t, which is why you have something to read!). But that provided a good intro for my dwarven character; the first session ended with the party being owned by a quasit in the local catacombs. Valgrim, as an aspiring malconvoker, has an abiding interest in extraplanar creatures and upon hearing the tale being told in the local Sandpoint tavern, showed up to volunteer his services for Part II.

The fight with the quasit was a huge pain the second time around, too – Invisibility, Fast Healing, and Fly are a hard combination to beat for a first and second level party. But I was very proud of figuring out the sinspawn pool’s limitations!

In Part III, Thistletop and its dungeon was a pushover after the initial approach, which hurt pretty bad. The party gave me no end of grief about negotiating with Lyrie and letting her go free, on the grounds that “certainly she’s evil.” I hate alignment metagaming, so Valgrim insisted that she’s just a hired sage-type, you can’t just kill all the bad guy’s contractors, and she was nothing but helpful to us, remember us fondly, buh bye.

Please note that the remark about Hulmar “restraining Valgrim from indulging some of his more carnal impulses” with the goblin harem is a bit of libel; Hulmar’s the character of the guy writing the session summaries and he sometimes takes a crack or two at us in the text.

Nualia wasn’t too much trouble in the end. This adventure was fun, but it made a lot of use of “un-fun” tactics on the bad guys’ part. The PCs spent a lot of time feared, entangled, hunting for an invisible flying enemy, et cetera. The goblin druid, the quasit, and the yeth hounds were the primary offenders.  Fear in D&D sucks, all the running around is retarded.

The new Pathfinder re-envisioning of goblins was a big hit – their incompetence, insanity, and cruelty was a great combination of silly and chilling.

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9 responses to “Chapter 1 – Burnt Offerings

  1. I was running this scenario and near the end a Cleric decided to wash out the Quazit’s silk cloak in the runewell. Well after the suprise attack and ensuing violence, they noticed the well had extinguised, I had to tell someone..

  2. Sweet! These scenarios certainly give you no end of cool memories.

  3. Jeff in Austin

    I just finished reading through all three entries – and they were very enjoyable! I plan to DM the RotRL, beginning with Burnt Offerings, this summer. Reading through these journals gives me a good idea of what lies ahead, and how to handle some situations.

  4. Enjoy! The whole AP is scads of fun, and Burnt Offerings and Skinsaw Murders are the best ones.

  5. hey i got a question for u guys… no how after u kill chick with demon hand theres 2 doors 1 leading to the room with pool and 1 goin where theres 3 more rooms? (1 with a bunch of tables etc 1 with statues of runelord of greed and sum wierd video recording of him and 1 with wierd werewolf thing that is similure to a lycan) first question is…can you interact in anyway with the recording of runelord of greed? hes saying “bring me final work to my grave” and id like to know what his final work is….next off….what exactly is the werewolf type thing? its in room with fire burning in middle…..and will silver imbued weapons help out in killing it cus this thing takes a -10 damage buff when you attack it with non magic attacks (reason im asking is cus we fought it after all of us were half dead and well ya our magic users were out of spells and our boys with magic weapons died pretty fast….i was only one that did decent damage with the elf bane arrows off that bugbear but we had to retreat so ya im gona have to attempt fighting it again in a week)

  6. Do you mean the yeth hounds? Or the demon thing Malfeshnekor, I think he might be doggish? We never got through the crazy door and so didn’t fight him, and I don’t remember the recording either.

  7. In our game, our fighter kept pushing Malfeshnekor down into the fire pit. It was quite embarrassing for the demon.

  8. Very interesting! I’m playing through RotR with my party right now, so I didn’t read the whole thing (we just killed the quasit last week), but I find it very interesting reading the different approaches. Mostly I am amazed at how fast you guys are playing through the module! It took our party 5 sessions to get to the smuggler’s tunnels and the quasit. I’m amazed you did it in only one.

    • Great, feel free and post y’all’s experiences as you go through it too!

      And yeah, Paul our GM for this and CoCT tends to keep stuff moving pretty quickly. In my Reavers campaign I’m taking a slower pace. (And we do long sessions…)

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