Session Summaries

Our wacky gaming group just loves to write up in-depth summaries of the events of each game session. You won’t understand the in-jokes (heck, even most of us don’t), but enjoy anyway.  Earlier years of session summaries are to be found on Bruce’s Web site – from GURPS to Fading Suns to everything in between. I started with the group in 2003; these are our stories since then!

  • Reavers on the Seas of Fate (In Progress)
    Yours truly steps behind the GM screen to run a pirate campaign set in Golarion, using the freshly minted final version of the Pathfinder RPG.  Piracy and horror on the high seas await!
  • Wrath of the Righteous (Completed 2015)
    It’s time for mythic madness in the demons-vs-demigods Pathfinder AP.  I play Tien kung fu master and foster nephew of Varian Jeggare Antonius.
  • Carrion Crown (Completed 2014)
    Paul runs us through the premier Pathfinder horror adventure path. I play Sredni Vashtar’s Girl, a Vudrani witch who’s emotionally abused by her familiar, who she worships as a deity.
  • Jade Regent (Completed 2013)
    Another Paizo Adventure Path, this time with an Asian theme. I get to play Pathfinder again after several years! Paul started this after the Alternity game finished up. I am playing Yoshihiro Kaijitsu, samurai brother to Ameiko, a notable Sandpoint regular.
  • The Lighthouse (Completed 2011)
    It’s space opera time as we dust off our Alternity books for this high-concept game.  Each player has two characters for troupe-style play; one member of the Concord command staff of the Lighthouse space station, and one other local miscreant.  It’s like Babylon 5 on crack! I was Captain Ken Takashi and Markus the warlion.
  • Legends of Steel (Completed 2009)
    In the wake of our first Savage Worlds outing, we head right into another.  Legends of Steel is a pulp swords and sorcery setting.  Time will tell if it’s more like Cimmeria or more like Gor. I play Manoj, the Sikh warrior.
  • Curse of the Crimson Throne (Completed 2009)
    Paizo keeps up their brilliant adventure crafting with another AP, and this time we use the beta version of the Pathfinder RPG rules.  A much smaller group of PCs helps us get more deeply in character. I play Annata Vieri, fair priestess of Sarenrae, who in nine months’ time became the Queen of Korvosa!
  • Empire of Ashes (Completed 2009)
    A short Savage Worlds campaign, set in a land of dark fantasy.  With dark characters.  Our first outing with the much-hyped SW rules! A am Versane, the noble demon archer guy.
  • Rise of the Runelords (Completed 2008)
    Rise of the Runelords is the first Adventure Path series from Paizo Publishing since Wizards of the Coast forced them to discontinue publishing Dungeon magazine. And it’s excellent! D&D 3.5e, and took us exactly a year to complete.  Check out my power Malconvoker build as the dwarven Valgrim the Summoner.
  • The Redeemers (Completed 2008)
    I ran a short-lived Mutants & Masterminds 1e series set in Freedom City.  M&M is an innovative OGL superheroes game by Green Ronin Publishing.
  • City of Sigil (Completed 2007)
    This nine-month D&D 3.5e campaign was a Planescape game set in the city of Sigil. Extra freaky!  We played bladelings, genasi, dragons, medusae, etc. I portrayed Dakani Night Scream, the bladeling rogue.
  • Aether Sailors (Complete)
    Courtesy Bruce, we played swashbucklers of Mars in this GURPS game for a full year. I was Carlos Juan Victor Sanchez, a Spanish duelist from Barcelona who is quick with his blade and quicker with his tongue.
  • Prodigal Suns (Complete)
    Chuck ran a fun Silhouette game for more than six months. Never one to mess around, I decided to play Liz Blessing, bisexual junkie grifter, for my first character with a new group I’ve just met.

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  1. Are you guys still active? Not been any new updates in a whike. 😦
    Hope your all well.

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