Chapter 3 – The Hungry Storm

In the third chapter of the Jade Regent Adventure Path, our brave crew heads across the frozen Crown of the World to get to fabled Tian Xia.

First Session (14 page pdf) – We fight snow chimeras and Wilford Brimley the Eskimo Shaman.  Real world arctic survival tip – you can’t eat the liver of a polar bear, it has so much vitamin A that it’s poisonous, but the rest is OK. [blog post]

Second Session (15 page pdf) – We go mano-a-mano with a white dragon! And our caravan nearly gets murderized by ice trolls. Then we go to hungry storm undead haunted spires and hack undead like there’s no tomorrow!  And since we’re near the North Pole, tomorrow is a long time coming. [blog post]

Third Session (11 page pdf) – We head to a tower in the Arctic that is making naughty storms and sweep and clear it.  It might be a spaceship or something. We’re not sure. We kill them all and let the DM sort it out. [blog post]

Fourth Session (11 page pdf) – We brave the Dead Man’s Dome, Ameiko gets roofied by a lonely ogre, and we decide to head through the Mines of Moria with our whole caravan. [blog post]

Fifth Session (13 page pdf) – The Caves of Desna (aka Mines of Moria) are rough on a caravan.  We lose some levels and stuff to undead and then come into contact with infinite yetis!  We kill infinity minus one of them. [blog post]

Sixth Session (9 page pdf) – Yeti murder is followed up by Korean relaxation.  I know, I know, that’s two pairs of words you don’t see combined all that much.  But we finish out the AP in style! [blog post]

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