Curse of the Crimson Throne

Welcome to the session summaries for our  Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign.  Our group completed the Rise of the Runelords adventure path from Paizo and loved it, so we jumped right into the next one.  Set in Korvosa, this AP has a more urban twist to it, we hear.

For this campaign, we are beta testing the Pathfinder RPG rules.  If you don’t know about it, it is a branch of the open licensed parts of D&D 3.5e being developed by Paizo.  A lot of people weren’t thrilled with the change in direction of D&D 4e, so Pathfinder is an effort to innovate from the 3.5e base but clean up and modernize some of the mechanics.

Due to the beta testing aspect, besides the usual session summaries I will be posting in a lot of playtest info on how the rules are working out for us in this thread on the Paizo playtest board.

Session Summaries

  1. Edge of Anarchy
    In which our heroes make the mean streets of Korvosa… Slightly less mean!
  2. Seven Days to the Grave
    In which our heroes conquer the plague!  Why do I feel so woozy?  <cough, cough>
  3. Escape from Old Korvosa
    In which our heroes escape from the beleaguered city.  Escape?  But we like it here!
  4. A History of Ashes
    In which our heroes go out into the desert among barbarians and sandworms.  Will we discover our name is a killing word?
  5. Skeletons of Scarwall
    In which our heroes take their favorite Goth groupies to Golarion’s closest thing to a Bauhaus concert!
  6. Crown of Fangs
    In which our heroes finally move to depose the wicked Queen and restore freedom to Korvosa!  Death or glory!

The Characters

Our brave heroes are (follow links for character sheets):


Character Generation Guidelines

Books allowed:

  • Pathfinder RPG Beta, 3.5e DMG
  • Player’s Handbook II
  • Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords (Crusaders and Warblades only)
  • The first “Complete” series (Warrior, Divine, Arcane, Adventurer)
  • The second “Complete” series (Mage, Scoundrel, Champion)
  • Spell Compendium
  • Magic Item Compendium
  • Frostburn, Sandstorm, Stormwrack, Cityscape, Dungeonscape

25 point spend on ability scores, per the Pathfinder RPG.

Pick one trait from CoCT Player’s Guide and one from the Pathfinder Companion books.

House Rules

Special DM rule to help with the 3.5e “multiclassing problem”:
If a caster multiclasses into a non-caster class (this does not include any class that gives caster levels or spellcasting advances), for every 2 non-caster levels he will gain CL and new spells per day as if he had advanced 1 level in one of his caster classes. He doesn’t gain any other bennies like domain or school powers.  The above rule replaces other multiclassing band-aids like Practiced Spellcaster feat and the Mystic Theurge class, so those things will be unavailable.

For the Book of Nine Swords, I asked about swapping in the Desert Wind school for Stone Dragon, as its focus on fire and scimitars is very Sarenrae. He said yes but that the school seems more powerful than others, so it’s nerfed – powers are all 1 level higher, -2 initiator level when you use one.
No Disciple of the Sun, Greater Turning, or other “destroy undead” feats/powers, since Pathfinder channeling does damage to undead.

5 responses to “Curse of the Crimson Throne

  1. Sweet! Printing it out now…

    Does this site have an rss feed I can subscribe to, by the way?

  2. Sure man, see the lil orange icon in the top right next to “latest geekiness…” URL’s

  3. By the way, Paizo sells an awesome Grey Maidens T-Shirt inspired by the AP. I have one, it’s great – very classy design, doesn’t look like a “geek shirt” at all.

  4. Thanks for posting these session summaries (…he says, four years later). I’m planning to run Curse of the Crimson Throne for a group of friends/co-workers. I found your summaries while Googling for people’s reviews or impressions of the adventure path. While I found a lot of positive feedback for the path, these summaries did the most to convince me that I’d made a good call — there’s nothing like hearing the play-by-play from actual gameplay to figure out whether the module can be as interesting to play as it sounds.

    Now if I can just persuade one of my players to play as Annata …

    • Glad you enjoyed them! Yeah, when I started with this group I loved the summaries (they’ve been doing them since way back). They give such a full look into the experience. IMO all the module designers should read them to see how their work pans out in real gameplay!

      CoCT is still my favorite AP, so it’s a good choice. But there’s only one Annata!

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