Chapter 5 – Ashes at Dawn

Ashes at Dawn is the fifth chapter in the Carrion Crown Adventure Path. We hear there’s Draculas!


First Session (16 page pdf) – The group bypasses a headless horseman on the way to Caliphas, where vampire murders are investigated.

Second Session (6 page pdf) – We intervene in vampire on vampire violence with some good old fashioned human on vampire violence – in a tailor shop?

Third Session (12 page pdf) – Off to the Monastery of Saint Lemiran, where all the witches are strong, all the vampires are good looking, and all the loot drops are above average.

Fourth Session (14 page pdf) – We kill vampire witches and blood knights, and then almost get killed by angry plant life. Then, it’s off to Renchurch!

<– Retreat to Wake of the Watcher      Onward to Shadows of Gallowspire –>


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