Chapter 2 – Trial of the Beast

In Trial of the Beast, the second chapter of the Carrion Crown Adventure Path, we try to prove the innocence of the Beast of Lepidstadt! Here he is…

The_Beast_of_LepidstadtWhy? Bored, I guess. And we get to tool around the University of Lepidstadt, several characters’ alma mater.

First Session (16 page pdf) – We return Professor Lorrimor’s books to various folks in and around the University of Lepidstadt and hear about the recent crimes of the big ol’ Frankenstein’s Monster called the Beast. Seems fishy to us so we go do some private investigating, only to find that some swamp slasher has pulled a Buffalo Bill on Dr. Vaus’ human girlfriend! [blog post]

Second Session (10 page pdf) – We testify in court on the Beast’s behalf with what we uncovered in the swamps of Morast, but see no clear opportunity to scream out “You can’t handle the truth!!!” without getting cited for contempt. Then we have to go murder child ghosts for a while. [blog post]

Third Session (9 page pdf) – We’re making headway on the Beast’s defense, and investigating a ghast-filled ruined lab gives us the clues we need to go confront some serial killers in their super dangerous lair! Now if we just weren’t our own worst enemies… [blog post]

Fourth Session (10 page pdf) – We prove the innocence of the Beast, though one of the two serial killers escapes.  Then it’s out to Castle Caromarc, where the troll gate guards take out a party member! [blog post]

Fifth Session (12 page pdf) – Schloss Caromarc is creepily well-kept but seemingly abandoned, except for traps and occasional golems. It is also riddled with non-OSHA compliant bridges, which conspire towards our downfall… [blog post]

Sixth Session (11 page pdf) – We get to the heart of Schloss Caromarc and its guardian rips one of our party members into bits! Then we summon the Beast to help us out… GOLEM FIGHT!!! [blog post]

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  1. Otto is just pawn in game of life….Good stuff!

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