Chapter 3 – Broken Moon

We move on to the third chapter of the Carrion Crown Adventure Path, Broken Moon. There’s lots of werewolves.


First Session (14 page pdf) – It’s out to the Lodge of Werewolves where we’re sure they hunt the “Most Dangerous Game.” On the way, we have slug problems. [blog post]

Second Session (10 page pdf) –  The Lodge becomes a killing ground as various things go wrong, and our heroes are generally a step behind everyone else. [blog post]

Third Session (12 page pdf) – We fight werewolves, werewolf ghosts, beefcake werewolves, and a paunchy librarian. Werewolves are stupid, though wealthy; perhaps we should take up werewolf farming. [blog post]

Fourth Session (13 page pdf) – We go to the butthole of Ustalav and farm us some werewolves, plus any local necromancer that gets lippy. [blog post]

Fifth Session (18 page pdf) – Done with the local vermin, we move on to assault a keep full of necromancers!  And someone dies.  Many someones. Then it’s off to get some Lovecraft, but instead we get some McLovin! [blog post]

<– Retreat to Trial of the Beast                   Onward to Wake of the Watcher –>

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