Lighthouse Session Summaries

First Session – Dr. Adun Zelnaga, Markus Oroszlan, and Ambassador Ten-Zil Kem take leave of the Galactic Concord space station Lighthouse for a lovely beach vacation on Bluefall, in the Aegis system.  Then we’re beset by cyborgs, warlions, and sharks with FRICKIN’ LASER BEAMS ATTACHED TO THEIR HEADS!!!!

Second Session – After warming up with a bar fight against Old Series Klingons (aka Scotsmen) we misjump into the Corrivale system right as a VoidCorp warship shows up.  Tense diplomacy ensues as they claim they have been “requested” to come quell some local “pirates”.  More likely, here to kill and/or subjugate the local sesheyan colony.  We send some Conc0rd destroyers with them, and the more scurrilous characters sneak aboard the pirates’ space station to steal things and get glory for their nations!

Third Session – Sadly, I missed this one, but Bruce made it and did a session summary. The party engages in an exciting parallel space combat (with one set of characters) and ground combat on the space station (with the other set).  Without their resident warlion, the guys on the ground are really bad off, but the space combat went really well!

Fourth Session – We rescue the ground troops and sesheyan VIPs off the pirate base before the VoidCorpers pummel it into plasma, and get a turncoat spy on our team in the bargain.  Then we head to Meribel to investigate a murder at a terraforming outpost, which goes all District 9 on us real quick with a “make you an alien” plague on the loose.  A mad doctor in a big ol’ diving suit gives us problems until we run 1.21 gigawatts of electricity through him.

Fifth Session – Our other characters swing into action, attending a lovely VoidCorp charity ball and hobnobbing with the rich and famous.  Meanwhile, our Concord characters get cut to bits by mutated alien kroath thingys.  Then, they spread the plague up to the Lighthouse itself!

Sixth Session – A possibly holographic yet stabby and underage prospective lover appears in Ten-Zil Kem’s room.  When she’s rejected, a huge warship (“The Last Warhulk”) appears and pulps the Lighthouse and her destroyer contingent.  The command staff shuttles over to it to beg for our lives, and we are tentacle-raped by warbots as the ship departs into drivespace.

Seventh Session – Still aboard the Warhulk, we determine the crazy AI in charge of this ship has to go.  Happily, we have popguns and level 2-3 characters to pit against the well armed, armored, and sensored robot legions.  But then we find some plastic explosives and it’s BOOM time!  Oddly, the female alien on the ship’s crew does not find herself irresistibly drawn to Captain Takashi, to everyone’s disappointment.

Eighth Session – We return from a six week hiatus.  Back on the Lighthouse, a gambling scam leads into a mystery.  The hot naked chick from Session 1 is back, and is accused of murder and sabotage!  Needless to say, we all vie to prove her innocence.  Cops!  Aliens!  Spies!  Massage parlors!  All we’re missing is Lennie Briscoe.  WE MISS YOU JERRY!!!

Ninth Session – Intrigue and staff meetings reign as all the characters madly follow their own personal paths to power.  Little space monkeys infest the station, the station AI gets a little bent, and sneaky teleporting space Nazis visit the captain.  Some of the characters get ready to mess with some Thuldans, while Ten-Zil Kem pretty much concentrates on the chick from Bluefall.

Tenth Session – We participate in a beta test of a new missile system and generally sneak around the Thuldan scientific research space station and cause problems.  A new character, Professor Pepin of the Borealins, is inflicted upon us.  And we find pod people who look like Warhammer 40k escapees!

Eleventh Session – Subplots are visited upon us en masse as we starfall towards Hammer’s Star.  Crazed cyborgs rampage and the station populace begins rutting like crazed weasels.  And we have the first real combat for like three sessions.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Twelfth Session – The Lighthouse starfalls to the Hammer’s Star system.  The normal shenanigans and subplots ensue until an entire klick fleet appears and Captain Takashi gets to yell “FIRE ZE MISSILES!!!” again and again until they stop moving.

Thirteenth Session – It’s Starship Troopers type fun as we board a disabled klick ship and wreak havoc!  We are very, very happy we brought fifteen Concord Marines along, since Markus and Haggernak are really the only two PCs who can pack a meaningful punch on these critters.

Fourteenth Session – We struggle through the usual subplots until we get to a pretty cool new planet named Yellowsky.  There are ancient Stoneburner ruins on it and the more scurrilous characters decide they need a good looting!

Fifteenth Session – The Concord command staff has to deal with a lot of shenanigans on Yellowsky.  Every group of religious wackos the setting offers has converged on the Lighthouse and is trying to cause trouble.  And some goon shows up promoting a new “space vampires are our friends” platform.

Sixteenth Session – As we’re heading to a system overrun by kroath, the “Take An Orphan To Work Day” program backfires terribly as it turns out the guy who runs the orphanage is a spy.  He is lucky to only lose one of his four limbs in the bargain.

Seventeenth Session – We’re in the kroath infested system, but most of the session is spent dealing with an irate auditor and an alien threat that can best be described as the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Eighteenth Session – The kroath get pulped into green goo by the Thuldan forces.  Then, the PCs intrigue while in drivespace; Lambert Fulson’s new job as a drug mule goes really badly.

Nineteenth Session – Lambert Fulson is hospitalized; the Nariacs are up to no good but Markus kills three autoflechette-armed cyborg guards with a knife.  Ten-Zil Kem gets implanted with mind control worms.

Twentieth Session – Lambert Fulson is hospitalized again; the rest of us fight cyborg apes and sponsor a Christmas concert by the station orphans for the people of High Mojave, Mantebron.  And we weed out the mind-worm-bearing people on the station (except for the ones CIB agent Rokk Tressor hides for his own nefarious ends).

Twenty-first Session – Lambert Fulson is hospitalized again (yes again); the weren security chief is tortured by a mafia hit-boy who turns out to be the long lost son of our pet irate auditor, and the hit-boy’s hit-butler just about punches Ten-Zil Kem’s ticket to permanent hypersleep.  Captain Takashi talks everyone into love and fellowship.

Twenty-second Session – The Symposium on the State of the Verge begins on Bluefall!  The PCs go to convention speech after convention speech.  Then, they conduct a complicated sting where they escort space Nazi Alex Racin to infect the native Deepfallen with teln mindworms at the behest of a space vampire.

Twenty-third Session – The Symposium on the State of the Verge concludes!  Captain Takashi makes a stirring speech about the External threat that is trilevised across the Verge.  Peppin astral-travels and talks to a Deepfallen and asks them to please not disintegrate everyone on the planet.  And we finally go look up Angela Quinn!

Twenty-fourth Session – Hammer’s Star is eradicated by a massive alien attack!  The Lighthouse heads into action, and jumps to go assist refugees headed to Argos.  We need help ourselves as a klick task force appears, but we wipe them out and then board them to get their monkey!

Twenty-fifth Session – The klick keep on coming with bigger and bigger ships; also kroath in the refugee ships board and smack around power armored marines pretty easily.  The session summary is short because blow by blow descriptions of combat aren’t all that entertaining, and because I wasn’t there to spice up the conversation.

Twenty-sixth Session – Our handler wants us to forge a brave new world with a new interstellar government.  Instead, we spend the time screwing around with various personal subplots.

Twenty-seventh Session – We go to a system called Lucullus that is run by various criminal gangs.  As that is a clear challenge to our roguishness, we pull off a complicated casino heist on the Mafia!  Eat that Lucullans!

Twenty-eighth Session – The Jamaicans must fall under our sway!  And for some reason this means we have to go white water rafting.  In the end, brave CIB agent Rokk Tressor gets Thunderholed.

Twenty-ninth Session – After we lay Rokk to rest, we go mess with the remaining Lucullan factions.  Most are pussycats, except for the insane and violent Picts.  But they’re not as insane and violent as we are!

Thirtieth Session – It’s off to Corrivale, to get all the factions there on board with the Verge Alliance. Then it’s hot Pict on Sesheyan action as we perform some extreme rendition.

Thirty-first Session – The Lighthouse goes to Aegis, but the B Team goes to Oberon to help out Scrooge McDuck.  But it goes from The Italian Job to Aliens in one fell swoop.

Thirty-second Session – Summary currently MIA.  We steal some klick eggs from the alien base near the vault and scram.  Then we track down Scrooge McDuck’s pirate-stolen treasure on some Spanish colony and are attacked by rabid Ewoks.  Some pirates attack us, and regret it for the couple seconds of life remaining as Markus pounds grenade launcher rounds into them.  And then we meet some Hortas with illusion powers as we find the treasure.

Thirty-third Session – Here’s where it gets freaky.  We get the rock-crystal aliens to help us by channelizing the pirates into our ambush, and murder or press gang them all.  But then as we’re loading the loot onto out ship, klicks attack.  But we end up cutting a deal with them!  Hooray klicks, our  new… allies?

Thirty-fourth Session – We bring our new klick buddy back to the Lighthouse, and get the third degree from our other set of characters. Then we are off to recon the alien-conquered Hammer’s Star system!

Thirty-fifth Session – It’s silent running in Hammer’s Star until we get wind that Admiral Rastad might still be alive aboard a lab ship. Then we reconnaissance in force that mother!

Thirty-sixth Session – We sweep and clear the alien lab ship and take loads of freakydeak alien prisoners, and recover the Admiral, or at least his brain in a jar. Concord Marines FTW!

Thirty-seventh Session – The B team goes to make contact with some new aliens, potential allies who really like and respect violence. If they like violence, they’re going to love us!

Thirty-eighth Session – The B team hunts dinosaurs and fights a pretty large number of draconic centaur Klingon type aliens.  We hit them until they like us. Diplomacy is just like dating!

Thirty-ninth Session – It’s large scale war planning as Lucullus falls, we win at Ignatius, and a new alien spills a load of historical beans. We’re sick of always playing defense, so the Lighthouse heads out to Medurr space to get them on board one way or the other, and the B Team takes the Red Queen to go pacify some alien-collaboratin’ pirates.

Fortieth Session -The B Team takes the Red Queen to Ptolemy and has to whip the crazy cyber-lovin’ women manning her into shape. Once we get there, the pirates are shacked up with the aliens, so we set an inescapable trap for them. And we buy Taveer a lap dance.

Forty-first Session – The Lighthouse is going to Cambria to meet the Medurr, but is knocked out of drivespace early and has to head off an alien setup. Then we throw our Picts into battle against the kroath! Under 50% losses is a victory in our book. The Medurr sign on to the Verge Alliance, and we plot strategy.

Forty-second Session – Tendril falls to the Externals. We send the Red Queen to Mantebron to figure out what the Externals want with the Glassmaker artifacts there – apparently they’ve extracted an alien superweapon. We risk our lives to go down to the ruins ourselves, and find out nothing that wasn’t already obvious. Then we weigh the odds – two alien fortress ships against one party of PCs.  The B Team decides “We can take ’em!”

Forty-third Session – We infiltrate an External fortress ship to prevent them from getting away with their superweapon. We use our own superweapons to defeat them – the Red Queen, alien aphrodisiac crystals, a nuke, and a Thuldan Warlion! They never stood a chance.

Forty-fourth Session – Back on Lucullus, the Lighthouse comes to the relief of the kroath-beset locals.  That’ll teach them to be such criminal douches next time we need their help. We engage in some large scale land combat and send in the A Team and some Recon Marines to nip the alien leadership in the bud. It all goes well, except those darn psychic aliens teleport up and take over the Lighthouse’s bridge while we’re giving them their whupping!

Forty-fifth Session – The A Team and a fire team of Recon Marines take the Lighthouse back from Mina and a bunch of aliens.  Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me? M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E.

Forty-sixth Session – The Externals assault the Aegis system in force, and we have our entire fleet there to prevent them. We tear them a new one. Now we have to figure out what to do with all these weirdo prisoners!

Forty-seventh Session – While we’re on leave on Bluefall, the B Team decides to go get involved in a troubled film production starring Jack Everstar.  Hollywood style action results!

Forty-eighth Session – VoidCorp’s obvious treason becomes unobvious.  Then obvious again. I’m a little unclear because I missed this session, but we cleaned house in Aegis.

Forty-ninth Session – An I’krl ambassador comes insystem suing for peace. We ignore this obvious ruse and send the fleet to lift the siege of Tendril while the B Team takes the Red Queen to figure out what the hell the problem is with Algemron.

Fiftieth Session – The B Team goes to Algemron to investigate the war between Galvin and Alitar. We discover why Alitar is losing; apparently they are even having trouble suppressing the native population of cute little sea otters. We offer to help.

Fifty-first Session – We infiltrate an illegal mining operation on Alitar and determine it’s a Galvinite plant. We are unable to decide between shooting it up, blowing it up, and calling in the Army to shoot it and blow it up, so we do all three.

Fifty-second Session – The A Team deals with yet another station computer STD and then liberate Mantebron with a startling lack of fanfare.

Fifty-third Session – The A Team rescues the t’sa experimental science vessel the Twelve Clutch from drivespace and boards it.  As expected, it’s all Event Horizon + Pandorum in there, and we lose a crew member to Great Old One-induced insanity/possession!

Fifty-fourth Session – We send all our I’krl possessed crewmen to some weird alien living on Bluefall to see if he can fix them. Needless to say, he can’t but sends us on an interstellar fetch quest. And then our favorite space vampire, Krl’Zenoth Nurhan, teleports onto the Red Queen with his shock troops for a stint of ass-kicking.

Fifty-fifth Session – We investigate a huge ass dungeon Stoneburner ruin looking for an alien artifact to de-possess our crewmates. It turns out to be a Gygax Special, sigh.  At least we get some cool magical loot.

Fifty-sixth Session – We meet the Acererak equivalent in this sci-fi Tomb of Horrors, and he tears us a new one. But in the end, with the aid of the ghost of a stoner mollusk, we activate the ancient doohickey and free our comrades from their alien possession!

Fifty-Seventh Session – It’s time to end this. We get some reinforcements from Old Space, and decide to lure the External fleet to Bluefall and wipe their bitch asses out in one fell swoop. Does it work? Who dies? Want to know? Well, then grab hold of your socks and read on, Joel Robinson!

And that’s the end of the campaign! See the blog posts on each session for my commentary.

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