Chapter 6 – The Empty Throne

Our armies are taking Minkai and it’s time for us to bring the hammer down on the Jade Regent and his oni masters! Ameiko for Empress!


First Session (11 page pdf) – We teleport into the capital city, Kasai, to free our thick-necked ally Hatsue and link up with the resistance. We fight the Typhoon Commander, stone tigers, long-necked freaks…  Then it goes all Japanese horror movie on us! [blog post]

Second Session (16 page pdf) – It’s down into the demon rift under the Shrine Island for us. We don’t mind the normal Type III  and IV demons so much but when I spend half a combat in a demon’s vajayjay – that’s a little extreme. [blog post]

Third Session (12 page pdf) – We continue to kill already-dead emperors in the Well of Demons.  They’re livelier than you’d think. There’s devils and demons and daemons and whatever else they could think of.  And then we fight Lo Pan! [blog post]

Fourth Session (12 page pdf) – We go on a hostage rescue raid and kill a good bit of the palace’s defenders in the bargain. And then the propaganda war begins! Plus, we set up V’lk in a deadly one-on-one with the Raven Prince, the Regent’s pet ninja master. [blog post]

Fifth Session (7 page pdf) – Campaign Finale! We roll hard on the Jade Regent and his overlord/lackeys. It’s over fast – is it a TPK, or do we liberate the country of Minkai?  Read on, Will Robinson! [blog post]

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