Legends of Steel

We enjoyed Savage Worlds enough in our Empire of Ashes game that we’re coming back for more. Our GM Chuck is running the game using the Legends of Steel setting.  It’s a swords and sorcery setting, like a pulpy version of Conan (to illustrate, one of the Edges you can have is “Sexy Armor”).  Watch us waste and wench our way through the world!

Session Summaries

  • Legends of Steel Part I (9 page pdf) – Our ragtag band of mercenaries deliver their dead captain’s effects to his widow and discover his daughter needs to be saved both from a wicked priest and from her virginity.
  • Legends of Steel Part II (6 page pdf) – We rescue the dead captain’s daughter and fight some bandits.  And then we are decimated by river pirates.  Oh, the shame.
  • Legends of Steel Part III (9 page pdf) – Reject us, will they?  We slay band after band of river pirates.  On the river?  In the woods?  Hiding in caves?  There is no safe haven from our wrath!
  • Legends of Steel Part IV (12 page pdf) – In which Indians(*) battle Indians(**)!  It’s like an episode of Deadliest Warrior!
    * – dots, not feathers
    ** – feathers, not dots
  • Legends of Steel Part V (11 page pdf) – We fight demon cultists and werewolves, and generally get the worst end of it.
  • Legends of Steel Part VI (6 page pdf) – Just call us the Werewolf Murder Squad!  “Wolfman has nards!!!”
  • Legends of Steel Part VII (11 page pdf) – The Witch-Queen shows up to bid for the MacGuffin too.  I ask her,“You know, the last group of guys gave us two werewolves to fight. What’s your offer?”  She ups the bidding.
  • Legends of Steel Part VIII (10 page pdf) – Some wyvern-riding moo-rons show up and convince the local yokels that pass as the government in this farm town that they should hand us over to the evil empire.  In retaliation, we murder three wyverns and everyone who dares open their bitch mouth to us.  And Manoj gets a crazy psycho stalker girlfriend!
  • Legends of Steel Part IX (10 page pdf) – Our brave heroes take on the invading Yarite army all by themselves, and are laid low by the invulnerable boss riding a demon wyvern.  But first, Manoj’s girlfriend poisons half the party; we strangle that elder from last time for the crime of “douchiness,” and Singh and Manoj are told by the Witch-Queen to “dance for me my little monkeys!”  Enjoy.


Oka, a Tarzan-type savage with a pet jaguar that’s hell on wheels.  He’s very pretty, which annoys

Maximus Eternius (his stage name), a former pleasure slave from Zandara.  He is also very pretty and tries to outdo Oka in that department by being a big old whore, which disgusts

Narayan Singh, a Thuggee-type assassin and devotee of Hala the death goddess.  He loves strangling and long walks on the beach, which is just fine with

Kaitamo, the Mongol-type archer who is justifiably proud of his pornstachio, if not of his nonexistent horse-riding skills, which amuses

Manoj, the Sikh-type warrior, whose ready laugh and readier halberd fill out this merry band of mercenaries.

And a new addition – Baba Ali, the Sufi-style mystic!  Indian power in the hizzouse!

Character Writeups

Narayan Singh


Baba Ali

Max Harkness, aka Maximus Eternius
Agility d4, Smarts d4, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d8
Persuasion d12, Healing d6, Fighting d6, Intimidate d6, Streetwise d4
Parry 5, Toughness 9, Charisma +6
Attractive, Very Attractive, Sexy Armor, Hardbody, Weapon of Mass Distraction, Brawny, Charismatic
Enemy (minor) Wanted (minor) Heroic (major)

Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d8, Strength d8, Vigor d8
Climbing d4, Fighting d8, Guts d4, Healing d4, Intimidation d4, Notice d4, Stealth d6, Survival d4, Swimming d4, Throwing d4, Tracking d6
Pace 6, Parry 7 (with spear), Toughness 9, Charisma +2
Attractive, Sexy Armor, Improved Sexy Armor, Beastmaster
Heroic, Illiterate, Poverty
Spear: d8+d6, +1 parry, 1 reach

Super secret!  Or too lazy to email me his stats.

Setting and House Rules

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