Chapter 1 – The Haunting of Harrowstone

Welcome to The Haunting of Harrowstone, the first chapter of our Carrion Crown campaign, in which we go to the haunted town of Ravengro in the haunted nation of Ustalav and confront… G-g-g-ghosts!


First Session (14 page pdf) – We come to the town of Ravengro to participate in the funeral of our mutual friend, Professor Lorrimor. But all is not as it seems… [blog post]

Second Session (21 page pdf) – Weird occurrences lead us to the ruins of Harrowstone Prison outside of town to investigate the Professor’s death. Turns out it burned down and was inhabited by serial killers. Awesome. [blog post]

Third Session (12 page pdf) – We clear the first level of Harrowstone Prison of its ghosts and other assorted horridness. But the spirits are having an effect on our minds… [blog post]

Fourth Session (11 page pdf) – Serial killer ghosts are no match for us – we are much scarier! We finish clearing out the prison and put the restless spirits to rest. Go, go, Ravengro! [blog post]

Onwards to Trial of the Beast ->

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