Rise of the Runelords

Welcome to the session summaries for our Rise of the Runelords campaign! My character for this D&D 3.5e campaign is Valgrim the Summoner. He’s a dwarf, but the rest of the party is comprised of the various human subraces from the Runelords Player’s Guide (free download here).

Runelords is the first Adventure Path from Paizo Publishing in the post-Dungeon Magazine era. They did a couple APs in Dungeon and they were very well-recieved – Shackled City, Age of Worms, and Savage Tide were each better than the previous one.

I’ve divided the session summaries up by volume and have added my thoughts on how the AP’s going!

Session Summaries

  1. Burnt Offerings
    In which we massacre goblins and demons alike.
  2. The Skinsaw Murders
    The best haunted house ever!!! And freaky cults.
  3. The Hook Mountain Massacre
    Or, “The Hills Have Eyes 3: Electric Boogaloo.”
  4. Fortress of the Stone Giants
    No false advertising here – giants, giants, and more giants!
  5. Sins of the Saviors
    I’m so naughty! I need a spanking!!!
  6. Spires of Xin-Shalast
    The endgame.  Runelord Kharzoug will learn to fear our might!

The Characters

Our brave heroes are:

  • Valgrim, dwarven summoner! The best character in the party (cuz he’s mine). He’s a Conjurer/Master Specialist/Paragnostic Apostle/Malconvoker. No, really.
  • Roscoe Dillon, Shoanti of the Skull Tribe. He’s a cleric of Gorum, and is power stacked against undead. Too bad we don’t run into many. He is now Lord of the Keep at Fort Rannek, as the former Lord, Hulmar Benk, met his end combatting ogres.
  • Phiravno, Varisian scarf fighter (swordsage/swashbuckler/rogue). Despite being able to do more damage per round than anyone, something about being a scarf fighting gypsy means that respect continues to elude him.
  • Prince Eyorak, Shoanti warrior of the Sun clan. I mean, Apollo Eternium, Shoanti warrior of the Sun clan. I mean, Vaelyn, Shoanti warrior of the Sun clan. This guy goes through the characters. Vaelyn is a gold dragon shaman.
  • Maru Maru, Shoanti warrior of the Sun clan. A brave monk, who despite his “flurry of misses” ability is always willing to be Benignly Transposed into harm’s way to help his comrades!
  • Yenneck Grumman, Ranger of the Black Arrows. One of the three surviving Black Arrows from Fort Rannek after its invasion and desecration by the ogres, rescued by the party from the mines of Hook Mountain. Lately, he’s been picking up Warblade levels.
  • [DECEASED] Hulmar Benk, Chelaxian military veteran. He was a Scout and wielded a greataxe. Being the only person even vaguely qualified (genetically) to be lord of Fort Rannek, he was made the boss, even though his Charisma was awful. Fun!

7 responses to “Rise of the Runelords

  1. A scarf-wielding Varisian Duskblade

    Hello Mxyzplk, my group and I are currently involved in playing the rise of the runelords Adventure Path and currently I’m playing a tremendously ugly scarf-wielding Varisian duskblade.
    To have a backup-Character ready I thought about another scarf-wielding Varisian, this time a swordsage.
    Then I stumbled upon your blog and read some of the session summaries. I was delighted to find a fellow scarf-wielder playing a big part there. Thus I wonder if you could get me in touch with the player, for I desire inspiration for my own build and he doesn’t have his character made available online.

    Thanks and also thanks for the delightful read you offer here,

    The Scarf-Wielding Duskblade

  2. Thanks for the kind words, and I’ve pinged our scarf-boy for you. I’ll try to get him to send me his character build to post as well!

  3. A scarf-wielding Varisian Duskblade

    Thank you. This is ever so kind.

  4. I got the ping! Right now, my character sheet is a total mess since we just leveled and I haven’t updated it yet. Got to prep for a Star Wars Saga Edition, the game starts tomorrow since I’m running I really need to be prepared.
    But here’s a good sampling to get you started.
    First, I got really lucky and rolled some really good stats (which doesn’t happen all that often for me.)
    Second, the DM was great. We discussed the Bladed Scarf as a Shadow Hand School weapon. As far game mechanics go it’s almost identical to spiked chain and since the scarf was campaign specific, he ok’d it.
    Here’s the key points of the build so far: Swordsage 3/Swashbuckler 3/Rogue 3
    Feats: City Born (The DM let everyone take one of the Pathfinder feats for free.), Shadow Blade (Bof9S), Exotic Weapon Prof: Bladed Scarf, Sudden Recovery (Bof9S), Rapid Assault (Bof9S), Daring Outlaw (Complete Scoundrel). I’ll have an updated sheet done Saturday!

  5. A scarf-wielding Varisian Duskblade

    Dear Grogtard, thank you so much. Knowing the feats involved I understand your class combination a little better. Nevertheless I’m looking forward to see the whole build. Have a pleasant evening playing!

  6. Ravno’s full level 9 build has been added for your pleasure!

  7. Thank you so much. We will proceed to kill Nualia on Thistletop tonight. 🙂

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