My Characters

Here’s the rogue’s gallery of the characters I’ve played over the last decade of gaming!  Enjoy, use them for your own fell and/or perverted ends. Some I have sheets for every level; others I only have their final state recorded.

Antonius (Pathfinder), a monk/paladin follower of Irori in the Wrath of the Righteous adventure path, so loads of Mythic rules.  He was an orphan from Tian Xia but raised Chelaxian by his foster uncle Varian Jeggare. He ended up as a Champion of Irori 9/Monk of the Sacred Mountain 5/Paladin 2/Champion 10.

Sredni Vashtar’s Girl (Pathfinder), a kinda crazy Vudran (Indian) witch girl who was basically emotionally abused by her weasel familiar. She was my character in the Carrion Crown adventure path. Here’s a bonus blog post with her backstory. She made level 14, and I reskinned the witch hexes as various mudras and mantras and stuff.

Yoshihiro Kaijitsu (Pathfinder), brother of Ameiko Kaijitsu and aspiring samurai in the Jade Regent adventure path. He was hell on wheels with his bow when he capped out at level 13 and his sister became empress!

Admiral Ken Takashi (Alternity), the Star Force commanding officer of the Concord space station Lighthouse. He’s my “A Team” character in the campaign and reached level 13 while saving the Verge from alien aggression. And he got to say “Prepare to fire the primary weapon!!!”

Markus Oroszlan (Alternity), a mutant warlion, retired from the Thuldan Legions and making his way as a bar owner and illegal arms dealer in the Verge. He’s my “B Team” character in the Lighthouse campaign. Level 17 and one of the most dangerous things you’ll ever find in the Verge.

Annata Vieri (Pathfinder Beta), a fair priestess of Sarenrae from Curse of the Crimson Throne. One of my favorite characters, in the end she became Queen of Korvosa by her own hand! She also reached 14th level.

Valgrim the Summoner (D&D 3.5e), my dwarven Malconvoker from the Rise of the Runelords adventure path. I advanced him to 14th level, and he is a billy bad-ass, summoning and binding fiends to his will with aplomb.

Manoj (Savage Worlds), the lusty Sikh warrior, with a ready laugh and readier halberd, is from our Legends of Steel campaign. He got up to level 3 before we were all murdered.

Versane (Savage Worlds), an arrogant vengeful Aemoni noble from our Empire of Ashes campaign. He’s a flying demon-looking archer guy who made it up to tenth level. He enjoys making ghoulish Muppaphones from the heads of his enemies.

Dakani Night Scream (D&D 3.5e), my bladeling rogue from our Planescape campaign set in the city of Sigil. He capped out at 10th level. When it comes down to the choice between the gods and the ancient blade lords, he’s on the side of the blade lords!

Christina Blessing (Mage/WoD), an illuminated mortal I played for just a session or two in our Dark Run World of Darkness game. She was a Katrina refugee with a penchant for psychometry and a keen fashion sense (no, really, read her fashion thoughts from her blog on the last page of her character sheet).

Kurgash d’Tharask (D&D 3.5e), an orcish barbarian from the city of Zarash’ak in Eberron who starred in our Bounty Hunters of House Tharashk campaign.  Also check out his his childhood friend, Grenville d’Tharashk, a third level bard. Kurgash has levels in Brute, a prestige class of my design that basically lets you grow larger during a rage and eventually permanently increases  your size. Download the Brute Prestige Class here.

Don Carlos Juan Victor Sanchez (GURPS), a Spanish duelist from Barcelona who is quick with his blade and quicker with his tongue (204 points). Also thrill to his shrewish wife Catherine Iphegenia Pepin (175 points) and native (lizardman) porter Friday the Ssaug (71 points, kinda). From our 1800’s spacefaring Aether Sailors campaign.

Elizabeth “Liz” Blessing (Silhouette), my first character with my Austin gaming group for our Prodigal Suns campaign! She’s a cybernetically-ravishing grifter and former gun moll, and pilot of the erstwhile independent (aka bought with stolen money) spaceship the Salt Witch.  As a bonus, you can read her in-character diary from the first five or so sessions; compare and contrast with the actual session summaries.

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  1. Very cool set of character!

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