Rules You Can Use

I’ve been working on a lot of new rules and game guides lately, and have realized that they’re all somewhat buried within blog posts or campaign summaries.  So I’m making a page to hold all the “good stuff” for your downloading pleasure.

The primary download links are to .pdfs for convenience but I also post them in other formats, usually Word 2003 .doc, for people that want to take and edit them.  You are free to use and reuse these however you like as long as you credit me; the terms of the Open Gaming License apply wherever I’ve used OGL content.

D&D 3.5

The Field Guide To Summoned Monsters (30 page pdf) – Did you know that there are a lot more monsters whose writeups say they are summonable using the summon monster spells than are listed in the spell description in the Player’s Handbook?  Like, a hundred more?  Well, there are, and I’ve written a guide to all of them.  [.doc]


Geek Related Chase Rules (9 page pdf) – A dynamic action environment is always full of chases!  Foot chases, horse races, ship battles…  This is a set of rules that lets you handle chase scenes while still deeply integrated into the rest of Pathfinder’s combat rules.  After my initial release of these rules Pathfinder released their own chase rules but they are a minigame that pulls you out of the normal ruleset till resolved, and I find that kind of thing unsatisfying. Revised as of 8/2015.

Mass Combat Rules – refined version coming sometime

Firearm and Cannon Rules – refined version coming sometime

Multiclassing for Spellcasters – get  your CL borked less.

7 responses to “Rules You Can Use

  1. DM_aka_Dudemeister

    There’s no links for the Pathfinder stuff, which is kind of a bummer cuz I could use it. ^_^

  2. Anders Granberg

    Stop proofing and start posting allready!
    You are a smart guy, there can’t be 3 months worth of typos 🙂

  3. If you could, the link to Multiclassing for Spellcasters is broken. I’d love to see what sort of things you and your group came up with for that.

  4. I hope that clarified version of the Firearms & Cannon Rules is coming along soon, a number of my friends and I are going to be running the Skulls & Shackles Adventure Path and your new rules on gun use sound perfect for swashbuckling adventures on the high seas! I know it’s probably not done yet but could you explain some of the cannon/bombard siege weapon rules like the change in the wording of the Mount rules (Does Medium mean “Large” in the core rule book? Heavy means “Huge” or something to explain that change?) as well as the Ready rules. (Is that Aim and Ready slapped together?)

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