Cast of Characters

Each player has two Alternity characters, one from the “A-list,” who is a member of the Galactic Concord command staff of the space station called the Lighthouse, and one from the “B-list,” who is a diplomatic representative of one of the other stellar nations or other important local personality who stays aboard the station.  Here’s our characters!

It’s a little odd, as we started at level 1 but as major personalities in the setting.  As a result we kinda sucked for a while.  But over time we butched up a bit.


Ken Takashi, Concord Star Force Captain Verge Alliance Navy Admiral (Ernest).  He’s of Old Earth Asian descent.  Based on his popularity and tactical skill, Takashi has proceeded from being Captain of the Lighthouse to being ranking Admiral of the new Verge Alliance.

Taveer, Chief Engineer of the Lighthouse (Bruce).  Taveer is a mechalus, a race of cybered-up aliens.  He’s not technically part of the military, but instead is a Concord Field Administrator.  He’s a technical genius with an onboard computer.  He oversees both the Star Force engineers and the civilian contractors on the station. This causes some tension as the Star Force engineers don’t feel comfortable being under a civilian. And he’s a big, big freak. He is somewhat in love with MINA the Lighthouse’s station AI, and has even had an odd “child” with her named VERA (who is way more sane than either of her parents).

Commander Captain Martin St. John, helmsman and space pilot extraordinaire (Patrick).  He follows orders well and shows occasional and appropriate initiative.  He seems to value a good performance review. He refuses to send in character sheets. He has recently been promoted to the rank of Captain and given command of the Lighthouse!  The captain reports to the Station Administrator and is in command of all Star Force personnel except engineering (helm, navigation, sensors, weapons, communication). If the station should see battle, the captain immediately takes command.

Administrator Haggernak, Lighthouse station security chief (Tim).  Haggernak is a weren, a big Wookiee steroid freak kind of alien. He has an interesting interrogation style where he tells suspects everything he knows and then asks them if they have anything to add.

Banoor, mechalus Action Scientist and ex-Concord Scout Service guy (Bruce). More sane than Taveer, who he replaced for a time.


Ten-zil Kem, VoidCorp ambassador (Chris), a corporate asset assigned to protect the interests of Voidcorp in the verge.  VoidCorp is a stellar nation that’s a huge evil corporation, like Microsoft meets Time Warner meets… every other evil corporation.  Kem is also a mole for the upstart VoidCorp competitor, Insight.  He’s a bit of a rich playboy (think Tony Stark), with a bit of a hacker side to him.

Kem has risen through the VoidCorp ranks by latching on lamprey style to rising stars, then stepping aside when those careers faltered. Described as vapid, greedy, and treacherous by his rivals in the VoidCorp diplomatic corps, Kem has managed to instill respect if not like in his subordinates as well as his opposites in the diplomatic community.

Distinguishing characteristics:  Barcode on left cheek left over from the “prove your loyalty to VoidCorp” fad/craze/McCarthyistic pogrom of 10 yrs ago.  Dresses in the latest fashions, sometimes pushing the boundaries into “pimpdom”.  Attracted to bright, shiny, expensive objects.  Attracted to bright, shiny, and occasionally expensive members of the opposite sex.  Buys expensive toys, plays with them, gets bored with them, and re-gifts them.

Markus Oroszlan, bartender of the Corner, the biggest, bestest bar and casino for locals on the Lighthouse (Ernest).  He’s also a Thuldan warlion (retired).  Thuldan warlions are human mutants engineered by the Thuldan Empire and crossed with lion DNA to be powerful shock troops.  Markus did his time there and has retired to the Lighthouse and the Verge to tend bar.  Well, and to traffic in arms.  The Concord tries to keep weapons out of the Verge, which means they are extremely lucrative to sell.

Besides looking a bit like a lion, Markus has a huge “IX” tattooed on his chest to indicate his former membership in the Thuldan IX Legion (Rapax).  Scars of various vintages criss-cross his hugely muscled body.

Guildsman Lambert Fulson, Rigunmor Star Consortium trader (Bruce).  He’s a sneaky criminal, too.  The Rigunmor put money and profit ahead of all other considerations, and this character is no exception.

Lenny, T’Sa ambassador (Patrick).  There’s not a lot of diplomacy to do for the T’Sa in general, so Lenny has turned his attention to activities of a more unsavory sort.  “Diplomatic immunity!”

Drest, Pict warchief (Chris). After Rokk died, Chris brought in Drest from the Pict faction on Lucullus.  He likes to melee with things. Strangely he’s kind of a B Team character as well, so Chris is playing two B-Team characters.

Professor Gerard Peppin, Borealin ambassador (Tim).  The Borealins are an entire nation of academics, so instead of “ambassador” he’s called “professor.”  In Peppin’s case, he focuses more on the drugs and grad student banging part of the job.


Dr. Adun Zelnaga, the head of the xenobiology and treatment wing of the Galindus Medical Center on Deck 196 of the Lighthouse (Peco, retired).  Adun is a fraal, a psionic alien race that look like traditional Greys.  He’s a gifted surgeon and xenomedicine expert, in addition to his psychic abilities.

Rokk Tressor, Concord Intelligence Bureau agent (Chris, deceased).  He works as a station greeter but is really a spy for the Concord.  Frankly, he works with the more scurrilous elements of the B-list characters as much as with the station command staff. Rokk was killed in action at the Thunderhole.

Ivan Stukoff, Thuldan Empire ambassador (Peco, retired).  A retired general who now is an ambassador.  The Thuldans are like the Roman Empire meets the Nazis meet Eastern Europe, a military dictatorship that believes in its manifest destiny to rule all of space.

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