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Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Four, Twenty-second Session

Twenty-second Session
 (11 page pdf) – “A Narrow Escape” – The pirates finally get back to Nisroch and their ship; the Araska and the Dagger had a successful voyage. They are gathering up their crew when White Estrid’s fleet of longships hits. A bloodbath ensues, shattering the usual silence of Nisroch.

white estrid

White Estrid

The PCs return to Nisroch, having escaped death at the hands of plague, froghemoths, and the local law enforcement.  (I actually did a lot of work to figure out how likely it was the local constabulary would track the two murdered shadowcallers back to them. See the Paizo forum post.)

I did my usual thing – whenever the PCs leave their ship for a while and let the NPCs roam loose, I roll d20 for each NPC and they have a time according to that roll. Sometimes it’s a 1 and they die, sometimes it’s a 2 and they have something else bad happen.  Sometimes it’s a 20 and they really score.

So they get back, catch up, talk to Captain Clap, go to the Witch Markets… Seems like a calm “between adventures” session.  I was proud of my pacing on this one.  Thartane’s homunculus shows up to say “thanks for the froghemoth” and give them a manifest of shipping activity as requested.  Sindawe scans down it… “26 Ulfen longships?!?  Shit!!! Is that cannon fire from the harbor? RUN YOU DOGS!”

Sure enough, White Estrid’s fleet is pulling into Nisroch for the second time!  The only female Linnorm King made her bones sacking Nisroch and shooting the Arch of Aroden once before – and she’s pushing her luck by doing it again. They’ve known she was coming but kept pushing their luck time-wise. The PCs are way across town and run their asses off to get to their ships and get them underway as the Ulfen attack.

They get the Teeth of Araska underway but a bunch of the creepy mute monk Nidalese enforcers get on board. Then a longship rams them and Vikings board!  Meanwhile a linnorm flies in and a Nidalese tower disintegrates to let loose an ancient shadow dragon. Shit gets real, go read the deets.

Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Four, Twenty-first Session



Twenty-first Session (9 page pdf) – “Lions and Tigers and Froghemoths, Oh My!” – The group tracks down their promised froghemoth and set up a blind to lie in wait for it. Of course, it’s already lying in wait for them.

It’s finally time to pay the piper – the monster they promised to Thartane the Necromancer for his aid in their safe passage through Nidal. I loved how they ended up suggesting it in the first place. Now, a very very concerned party tries to figure out how they’re going to get one.

The session gets off to a very “City Slickers” start while they stay at a ranch, then hire a trapper to guide them to the froghemoth grounds. As usual they spend most of their time not trusting a random hireling instead of the much, much more suspicious characters they tend to meet.  “He is taking money for services!  Keep an eye on him!”

They get out there and lay in wait… But though they are stealthy, the froghemoth is wily. The plan goes out the door fast; Samaritha pours electricity into the creature to stop it from getting its like 6 attack full attack every round. It’s super tough, but Serpent rolls a super lucky crit (we use the Paizo crit deck) and does INT damage to it – which is of course a froghemoth’s Achilles heel.

Everyone freezes briefly at this stroke of good luck, then leaps into action… there is no telling how quickly the aberration might recover. Wogan urinates on the monster. Sindawe and Serpent pull out the teleport spikes and start hammering them into the monster’s flesh. Samaritha corrects them, “No, the spikes go into the earth around it.” “I knew that!” insists her husband as he pulls them free of the beast. The spikes work – the creature and a perfect circle of scooped out of earth disappear.

But read on, because the doppleganger reveals itself!

Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Four, Twentieth Session

Twentieth Session (9 page pdf) – “Interview With A Vampire” – While heading to the Atteran Ranches to hunt them a froghemoth, the group comes across a lone figure at night. Unsurprisingly, hijinks ensue.

So this was just a random encounter of one vampire to break up the travelogue.  But it quickly turned into an entire session given the roleplay, then the combat, then the tracking the mist, then the lair invasion. The Atteran Ranches are the least shitty part of Nidal, but there’s still random vampires and such.

Bonus content for your game: Leia Showanna, vampire sorcerer 8.

Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Four, Nineteenth Session

Elenuta the Fetchling

Elenuta the Fetchling

Nineteenth Session (10 page pdf) – “No Substance But Horror” – The party finally finds the bosses of shadow Boroi Manor – and are promptly defeated and enslaved. But maximum kill always finds a way!

So they bust in to kill Nicasor and company but they get a little caught up in murdering the mostly harmless fetchlings lounging around.  This gives the bad guys a couple rounds to get ready, which means Nicasor’s up and ready and his summoner friend Elenuta is invisible and already has her eidolon ready and a summon in progress.

It goes bad for the PCs.  Sindawe natural-1’s a save and goes down suffocated by the shadowy snake eidolon. He has to spend an Infamy Point to come back into the fight (“I was feigning death, like a 1st edition monk!”). But the snake gets Serpent as well and Nicasor cuts Sindawe down again, and Sindawe has no choice but to surrender or die.

But Nicasor doesn’t want these pirates dead – he wants the Heart dead so he can get out of this damn dimension. He lets them  heal and herds them down to fight the Heart for him.  It’s a tenebrous tendriculos! I didn’t beef that up from the actual module because I figured they’d be beat to hell by then.

They kill the Heart, and then they turn on Nicasor and Elenuta and get the better of them this time. They break the mirror and are out.  When it comes time to demand their shadows back they notice Serpent already has one… And it’s Chmetugo the shadow demon!  He’s free and back on the Prime Material.  He skedaddles to leave the pirates to decide if they should kill everyone in the county or not. After a moment of it hanging in the balance, they decide not.

And then they tend their wounds and plan their trip to froghemoth country! And they decide to take Rucia the waitress with them, lest she be discovered and tortured to death for being chosen by Desna.

Now here’s a bonus for you – all the bad guys for the whole thing, as I statted them up in Hero Lab, in PDF!  Nicasor, Elenuta, the Heart, etc.

Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Four, Eighteenth Session

Nicasor the Shae

Nicasor the Shae

Eighteenth Session (12 page pdf) – “Shadowland” – The shadowy version of Boroi Manor is full of horrors. But they find Wogan’s sister and nephew!

They actually negotiate with Nicasor the shae, the boss in here. They’re not real happy with Baron Stepan so they are not sure who to throw in with (or just kill everyone, but they figure they’ll defer that decision a little while).

Then it’s more haunted house. Furniture comes to life and attacks, shadows come out of pictures, the usual.

My favorite part is how they go to a room full of keys, with one magical key that looks like a tuning fork. They get it and escape as the rest of the keys turn into a swarm and attack; they get out and slam the door and it only turns their summoned cat into gelatin. And then what do they do?  “I wonder what this key does…” They hit the key and of course it’s a chime of opening and the door holding back the key swarm swings open. Oh, I laughed and laughed. You can’t plan stuff like that if you try.

Serpent starts showing disregard for loot, which starts a very long-running gag within the group where they suspect him of being a doppleganger. He’s usually a very “and don’t forget to take their boots” kind of guy.

They find Anya and Marek and try to go get out, assuming Stepan was lying about them having to destroy the Heart to escape.  Sadly, he wasn’t. But they still think he’s lying. Nobles, can’t trust ’em.

Since they can’t get out… Next step, go kill Nicasor and Elenuta!  Not strictly required, but they were about ready to kill someone…

Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Four, Seventeenth Session



Seventeenth Session (8 page pdf) – “Beyond The Midnight Mirror” – The pirates venture into the Shadow Realm beyond the Midnight Mirror to rescue Wogan’s kin.

This is a good old shadow dimension dungeon crawl, where the shadow version of the manor house becomes more twisted from reality the farther they proceed. This fits into the general category of “haunted house crawl” that I’ve always found to be a player favorite.

They find Baron Stephan’s brothers, now turned into various kytons (which they refer to as Cenobites and variations such as sex-o-bites and hanging-o-bites).  I needed to both amp up and horror up the adventure as written, as it was for fourth level characters and was PG-rated. Both unacceptable!!!

Anyway, some horror, some fights, and then they find the fetchlings that have been trapped in stasis here for like a thousand years, who are all full of Underworld vampire type lassitude. And that’s where we leave off…

Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Four, Sixteenth Session


The Triumph of Death

Sixteenth Session (13 page pdf) – “Painted Shadows” – Ansar’s paintings hide a dark secret; Wogan’s sister and nephew are kidnapped by the evil that lies on the other side of the Midnight Mirror.

The PCs go to see one of Ansar’s masterworks… And naturally it attacks. I use Pieter Bruegel’s “The Triumph of Death” as the visual. Ansar the glyph-bearing gendarme and disturbed painter gave in to the temptations of the shadows and is now a shadowy lurker from U1 Gallery of Evil, a shadow creature that can travel through paintings.

They burn the first painting and Ansar flies off with a “the child will be ours!” They run to the child Olga’s room in the temple but she’s fine.  Then with a start Wogan realizes it might be his baby nephew the undead creature was talking about!  After a sprint across town to the manor house they find out that indeed Anya and the baby have gone missing. And there’s an Ansar original in the basement.

The PCs and household go down there and get an even bigger setpiece battle. Painted night hags and kytons and undead! Ghosts and hounds and barons! It’s a fun time.  Finally they take the bad guys all out but no Anya…  U1 Gallery of Evil is all done but The Midnight Mirror is just cranking up.

The baron takes them to his study and explains that they’ve probably been taken into a shadow mirror artifact thing in the basement his family uses to make deals with a shae (shadow creature) Nidal style. He asks the PCs to get their shadows removed, go in there, and destroy the mirror from the inside. “That sounds sketchy as shit.  OK.”

They go back down to the basement and think to check the dungeon and on its guard and inmate. They find Yuris and Isiem melded into a single piece of Kuthite art. Their bones are fused to the ceiling, their flesh hangs festively. Blood pools on the floor.

Baron Stephan says, “Ah.” He closes the door.

Next time, into the midnight mirror!