Chapter 3 – Demon’s Heresy

Demon's Heresy

Demon’s Heresy

Demon’s Heresy is the third chapter of our Wrath of the Righteous campaign. We’re decent level now and have a bunch of mythic tiers, so when we decide to start reconnaissance in force in the Worldwound, they learn to fear us!

First Session (11 page pdf) – We fight some random wildlife and then have a brotherly encounter with some barbarians.  Not really. [blog post]

Second Session (14 page pdf) – Our heroes continue to investigate the Worldwound and slay various beasties found therein. [blog post]

Third Session (7 page pdf) – a Woundwyrm and mythic vrocks decide to challenge our Mythic Bullshit ™ but are thwarted! And we thaw out some new friends. [blog post]

Fourth Session (9 page pdf) – We find an allegedly reformed succubus and fight a sea of enemies on her behalf, just like with a normal succubus. [blog post]

Fifth Session (11 page pdf) – After a brief regrouping, we head out to the Ivory Labyrinth where we fight Jerribeth, a fetching looking mythic glabrezu demon, and send her down the dark road to the black mountain from whom none ever return. Then we come face to… something squirmy with the worm-man sorcerer Xanthir Vang and, one can only assume, his magical pan flute! [blog post]

Sixth Session (11 page pdf) – We slay Xanthir Vang, and then it’s mostly all over but the looting.  The extensive, extensive looting. [blog post]

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