Chapter 2 – Empty Graves

empty_gravesWati gets a whole lot more jacked up as a plague of undead beset it, courtesy the Fiend Pharaoh’s number one enemy Hakotep.  Since Murdus seeks to be the modern incarnation of the Fiend Pharaoh, it’s up to us to stop it!

First Session (15 page pdf) “Auction of Souls” – We are happily selling off our tomb raiding loot when it goes all Walking Dead in the city of Wati.  We save some locals and then start trying to quell the problem.

Second Session (19 page pdf) “Strike Force Wati” – We beat back the undead forces and assorted other goon squads in the city, till we decide we have to venture back into the now much livelier necropolis to bring the plague of dead to an end.

Third Session (14 page pdf) “A Thin Line Between Life And Death” – We track down the necromancer Nebta-Khufre in the Observatory of Truth and Wisdom in Wati’s Necropolis. We move to thwart his undead-summoning plans, but death’s door swings both ways this day…