Reavers NPCs and Monsters

Here’s my campaign monsters and NPCs whose character sheets are now OK for public consumption (i.e. not a mystery to the players any more).  Building decent new monsters or NPCs is such a pain in the butt in 3.x/Pathfinder play, I thought I’d share – each one takes me hours to do up right.

Many thanks to daemonslye, who did Pathfinder Beta conversions of everything in Second Darkness.  Doing the further conversion to PF Final was much easier as a result.

Joey Virtue later did up all the NPCs from Second Darkness in Hero Lab for Pathfinder. This was even better! I use a mix of his HL files and daemonslye’s PDFs and it saves a lot of work.

Now here’s the NPCs – some friendly, some not so friendly, some living, some dead. Mostly dead, of course, by the Reavers’ hands.

  • Samaritha Beldusk, Female Serpentfolk Wizard 4
  • Samaritha Beldusk, Female Serpentfolk Wizard 6
    Samaritha appears as a half-elven apprentice Cyphermage, but is really a serpentfolk. The PCs know and accept her secret. She is married to Serpent, and they are trying to have a child.
  • Hatshepsut, Female Human Monk 4/Cleric 4 of Ydersius
    Hatshepsut was a priestess back in ancient times and was caught in suspended animation when her temple fell. The party freed her from her stasis in Viperwall and she’s traveling with them in this strange new world and bodyguarding Samaritha.
  • Lavender Lil, Tiefling Bard 6
    Lil is an ex-hooker and troublemaker, Tommy’s girlfriend, cultist of Nocticula, and general party girl.
  • Salvadora Beckett, Female Half-Orc Inquisitor of Iomedae 4
    Salvadora’s a member of the God Squad (Freeport fans know what that is) and built from the playtest version of the inquisitor from the Advanced Player’s Guide.
  • Milos, Human Cleric of Ydersius 5
    Milos is a main bad guy from the Death in Freeport series.  I’ve changed him in a number of important ways from the original.  If you want a good snake cultist/necromancer, he’s for you!
  • Glapion, Bekyar Mwangi Oracle of Bones 6/Master of Shrouds 2
    Glapion is a big bad voodoo man; he owes his inspiration in equal parts to real African/Creole myth and to the Disney movie the Princess and the Frog.
  • Krik Junk-Kick, Goblin fighter 3
    Krik is chief of the Junk-Kicker goblin tribe!  He has a single Boot of Striding and Springing he uses to kick opponents in the nuts.
  • Hyram Crooge, Bugbear rogue 5
    Crooge is the serial killer known as the Rotgut Ripper. He will hunt you down and kill you good. If you are an attractive woman, then it gets worse for you from there.
  • Captain Screev Ten-tooth, Taldan expert 2/gunslinger 4/rogue 3
    Pirate captain of the Three Sheets, built using the playtest version of the gunslinger from Ultimate Combat.
  • Captain Elreth “Grudge” Treeg, bard 5/ranger 4
    Pirate captain of the Teeth of Araska and a devout worshipper of Calistria. His vengeance knows no bounds.
  • Thorgrim, son of Halgrim the Bloody, fighter 4/wizard 5/eldritch knight 5
    Lord Protector of the Cypher Lodge, he fell under the shadow demon’s sway, but was redeemed in the end.  Hell on wheels with thrown tripping axes!
  • Araska Pirates
    The original crew of the Teeth of Araska, now the mainstay of its new crew!
  • Bojask, ranger 5
    Thug, rapist, shanghaied pirate, Bojask is a handful. He got murdered by Tommy but you can still use him!
  • Daphne, sorcerer 7Retired adventurer, victim of the Araska’s Hollobrae raid, she eventually got a Staff of the Dragon and tried to take the Araska out for good before being killed.

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  1. What??? Lavender Lil is not here! That needs to be rectified right away! Chop chop.


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